Thursday, November 30, 2017

Upsidedown & Backwards

Upsidedown & Backwards, a very cool blues, funk, and soul band (and I mean band because it takes a band like this to be so cool), played at our local Beer Geeks in Highland on Thanksgiving evening. My son was in town, so he and I went out for some tunes and a beer.

Needless to say, Ryan Frahm on lead guitar and vocal is very talented. For as many times as I have seen and listen to him play, each time still feels new. His play seems to change with what happened during the week or the day. He streaks out in the moment of play what he feels. A true blues man.

Beer Geeks is a very cool place to have a beer and be geeky at board games, and watching of geek shows on the telly. The staff is super courteous, willing to help you try a new beer, or to just kick back with.

Here are some photographs of the evening. Enjoy!

Upsidedown & Backwards

Beer Geeks
3030 45th Avenue
Highland, IN  46322

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