Saturday, January 6, 2018

Steepwater and Nomad at Leroy's

Like a close family, whenever I go to see these two bands, I cannot help but feel they are family. Sitting there, listening, dancing, photographing, brings back very good memories. As I closed my eyes, I felt the vibe like it was the very first day. So refreshing and real.

The Steepwater Band and the Nomad Planets played this evening at Leroy's Hot Stuff in Porter, IN. This was the annual bride Christi's birthday / The Steepwater Band gig at Leroy's. It has been going on for some time, close to when the band started. Recently, like the past few years, Nomad Planets have opened for them. We know every band member. The Steepwater Band even attended Christi's and my unusual wedding.

A great thanks goes to Leroy too. My luck, Leroy and my bride Christi's dad, known as "Rebel" go back a ways. So Christi and Leroy not each other as family too. 

We arrived early, had some good food, was waited on by excellent people, and as always here at Leroy's we enjoyed ourselves tremendously.

Here are some photographs of the evening. Contact information is provided at the end of the blog.

Nomad Planets

Mark Mybeck - Lead Guitar and Vocals

Phil Rapchak - Bass

John Carpenter - Guitar and Vocals

Chris Ussery - Keyboard and Vocals

Terry Boylan - Drums

Our good friend Sherry with close friend Christi . . .

The Steepwater Band

Jeff Massey - Lead Vocal and Guitar

Joe Winters - Drums

Tod Bowers - Bass

Eric Saylors - Guitars

My bride Christi had one Blow Job too many . . . (the cocktail drink) . . . with partner in crime Barb . . .

The lighting was a challenge, and I do like shooting differently. The following photographs I started to play "in camera" and ended up with just Black & White photographs, all done in camera (not post editing software).

Eric has exited the building! lol . . . I enjoy it the most when artists get into their work, doing it for themselves and the band.  Yes, sometimes the band plays for the audience, however, I think they play the best when they do it for themselves.  I am not sure what Zone Eric was in, I just liked it and connected with it.

I cannot say enough how I enjoy these guys, and for whatever reason I really enjoy Tod on base.

Christi had a lot of fun dancing on her birthday. This time our friend Laura took her up on the floor for some house music while the band was on break.

This next photo was taken by Christi, even though it has my tag on it . . .

I think I enjoy photographing Eric the most. Lots of charisma in his play . . .

Joe being the most grounded person in the band I think . . . also the closest one to Christi and me . . .

Jeff Massey, a man with a lot of talent and down to earth kind of guy.

If it was not for the friendship that both these bands bring to Christi and me, I am not sure where either of would be with our photography. It is times and friends like this that help you to "do your thang" as it were. Thank you Steepwater and Nomad for good times!

The Steepwater Band

Nomad Planets

333 W. US Hwy. 20
Porter, IN  46304

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