Friday, July 2, 2021

Magic Bus - Knox


It has been a while since I have been to a concert. Since last October 9th to be exact. So, Magic Bus was very magical for me tonight.

Storytelling has been part of our history as far back as the cavemen. We sit around the campfire at all ages to tell and listen to them. We remember those moments. Okay, sound a bit out of the blue, but you will read why I mention that.

Some bands just get up and play song after song. After all, the lyrics are stories being sung. Some musicians are good story tellers and fill in the stories with music, while others take time between the songs to tell stories. The latter is Magic Bus. Story telling not only connects you to the artists who wrote the songs, or the bands who originally played them. They connect you to the times the stories were written and to the bands like Magic Bus who are playing them today. The story, this connection is what keeps us coming back.

I have never personally met the band members of Magic Bus. I will some day. My need is to see them play, to connect to the story being told by the written song, and to the band. Of course, I enjoy the opportunity to photograph. I see a spirit in them of joy and camaraderie. Of course this is their business, however they come across as family to where we their extended family. Their expression of happiness, joy, and fulfillment soak into our bones as if we are one with them.

Music and musicians are very dynamic. You cannot say "stop" in order to take a photo, or arrange them for a photo. To capture everything in one photo is basically being there at the right time and place, and luck. The dynamics of the event are a story in itself. So call me "caveman" I suppose for drawing multiple pictures (photos) to tell the story for you. (Though my nickname is "hippie", perhaps it needs to be "caveman hippie" . . . lol.)

Given all this, there are a multitude of photographs in this blog. The blogs I write and post photographs to are to give you the flavor of the event - photographic storytelling. They are not intended as single static photographs that you would find in an art gallery, rather, they are a series of photographs that make up the story. So, these photos are the "moment", the "vibe", not the "photo" that everyone else may choose to do. Enjoy!

Here are links to some vids that my bride Christi took with her camera . . .

Magic Bus

Link to Magic Bus at Buck Lake Ranch 2020

Link to Magic Bus at WoodDock 2020

Link to Magic Bus at Hippie Fest 2019

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