Friday, October 15, 2021

Zhou B Art Center 3rd Friday - 10/2021

Since the pandemic started, it seems local arts have suffered the most. Perhaps because everything is based on rebounding financially before you spend it on art, as it seems with the Zhou B Art Center.

This is the second month in a row now that I have been back to the 3rd Thursday open studio at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago. It has changed. In May 2012 when I began it was very lively, entertaining, very inviteful. It felt like family, especially when you would see many of the gang from Paul Henry's Art Gallery in Hammond attend, or even exhibit. People like Brabant Lenting, Lou Shields, Jen Jackson, Sandra Tomara.

As I had written before, there were multiples of everything here. Different styles of artists, multiple floors, multiple types of people on each floor. Today, however, none of this seemed to be true.

What I miss the most is the first floor. This month and last month it had been roped off for special events. I cherished being able to walk around on the 1st floor to look at curated art from the studios, or special guest. The openness and guiding walls made it feel inviting and secluded. As if it was just for you. For special occasions you could see/listen to a musical performance. This was before the 2nd floor re-opened which began to host such events.

It would appear that the Zhou brothers have place more emphasis now on money. I understand. You have to keep the building operational. Finding people to pay to hold private events is big bucks. However, the Zhou brothers who are artists themselves, appear to have forgotten the other artists and the public. Why would you book an event that excludes or makes it difficult for the public to attend the 3rd Friday of the month?

I have a desire now to keep attending to support the artists that remain. To write my blogs in hope that the Zhou brothers will do more to showcase just the artists on the 3rd Friday of the month.

Many of these artists have become my friends. The Arts in general need to remain, need to become, the focal point of our society. Life is simple. It takes greed to make it complicated. People get wrapped up in their "big picture", the plan of the man, the ultimate goal in life, when in reality what life is, is all around you.

Here are a couple photographs from the evening. It was a short visit because it saddened me to stay there any longer. I hope that changes for next month.

The above three photographs are of Diana Leviton Gondek's studio #413A (4th floor).

The above photograph was taken on the way home off the Indiana Tollway, of BP.

Note to the Zhou B Art Center. Take a look at my blogs back to May 2012. If you see a photo you can use to help populate your 3rd Friday page from then to August 2014, please contact me and I will send you the photo. (Or even a few months from August 2014 to now that you may be missing.)

Zhou B Art Center
1029 W. 35th Street
Chicago, IL 60609
(773) 523-0200

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