Friday, January 5, 2024

Funky Mojo Daddy @ Northwoods Falls

I like music. I admire musicians who can play. Tonight was our treat to some blues by none other than our Funky Mojo Daddy from the region.

You do what you do because you enjoy it. Some of us may have daytime jobs that are necessary to put food on the table. In the evening some of us get to deep dive into our mastery, like musicians and artists, like Funky Mojo Daddy does.

It was a smooth and blues tell it to you all evening. We are all friends with them, our musicians, just as with Funky Mojo Daddy. We each claim our piece of the rug with them in many different ways. We do not have them all to ourselves . . . a piece is just enough.

So these musicians gave to us tonight. I am giving back to them my photographs. I hope all of you will enjoy . . .

Funky Mojo Daddy

Do go to Northwoods Falls for some live music and eats. Their kitchen is open from 8am to 9pm Monday through Thursday, and to 10pm Friday and Saturday. Sunday 8am to 8pm. Menu and events (tabs) are found at the top of their website. Tell them "Wes the photographer" sent you . . . :)

Northwoods Falls
8101 Wicker Avenue
Saint John, Indiana

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