Thursday, December 27, 2018

Paul Henry's Art Gallery 418th Acoustical Jam

I have been attending the Paul Henry's (PH) Art Gallery Acoustical Jams since the 70th jam. It is now the 418th. I cannot say I have attended every one of them. The closest to that statement would be our friend Mary L.

This evening marks the Galleries pre-New Years Eve jam. This was the first jam that I attended back on 12/29/2011. My first time ever being in the art gallery to see what was there, was on 12/27/2011.

I have been away from the gallery recently. It was very nice just to be there tonight, to see friends, and take on the vibe that this place resonates. All because of the proprietor, David Mueller. 

As you attend week-to-week you see a flow of change within the place. People create that change. They create the energy within the place. You will see different faces come and go. Different talent. Yet, there is a grounding that does not change which attracts us to the gallery, and that is the music and feeling of family.

If you have not been to this jam (or to the art gallery), I suggest you make time to visit on a Thursday evening. Below are some photographs to intrigue you. It is worth a 2 hour drive, if that is what it takes. The rest is up to you.

The next few photos are of my friend Michael. It was nice to see him again. He has been attending longer than I have.

Haley (pictured above and in the following photographs) is a special person. I believe it was her visit to PH after rehearsal at the Towle Theater (with other cast from Towle) that brought my attention to the Towle Theater, leading to my first theater photo shoot for the musical "Ordinary Days". I have stated many times that NW Indiana is dripping with talent of all sorts. I see Haley as the pinnacle, crossing all arts, bringing joy to us and to herself.


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Paul Henry's Art Gallery
416 Sibley Blvd.
Hammond, IN

Tue - Sat 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Sunday Noon till 5:00 PM
Thursday Night Jam Starts 7:00 PM

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