Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Funky Mojo Daddy - Yes!

It is always a pleasure to sit and listen to Funky Mojo Daddy. Seems like every time I have seen them, it has been at Beer Geeks in Highland. A treat it is. Good beer, with good friends, with good music.

Seems like, too, that each time I have seen them, it has been a different vibe. Songs I have not heard from them before. Pure blues as you can only hear and feel once in a lifetime, at that time. I believe that is what makes this group ring out. Their individual get down vibe that is allowed to come out. Different strokes for different moments in their lives. Pretty cool when you think about it. Here are the guys . . .

Kenny Kinsey - Bass, Vocals

Jerry Porter - Drums

Nic Byrd - Guitar

Jeff Massey - Guitar

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Check out Beer Geeks every Tuesday night, blues night . . .

3030 45th Street
Highland, IN  46322

Beer is the only thing served. (Belly up to the bar.) BYOF.

Check out Funky MoJo Daddy on Reverbnation .