Thursday, November 28, 2019

Chicago TARDIS 2019

Longtime Con Goer Donald (left) and Friend Assad (right)

Thanksgiving, it is about people getting together to meet old friends, make new friends, to create a family atmosphere that actors can relax in and join in play. It is about our interests, our agendas of different kinds. They call themselves Fans of Doctor Who.

My son and I have been attending this local convention since 1989 when it was call Her Majesties Entertainment. In 1990 it renamed to Visions. In 1999 it renamed to Chicago TARDIS. This being the 20th year of Chicago TARDIS.

We have gone to many venues, with my start at the Harvey Holiday Inn. There were many good experiences at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, some other venues in between, to where we are now at The Westin Chicago Lombard. I must say, out of them all, I do enjoy The Westin the most.

11/28 Thursday

Though not the official start, Thursday evening is the unofficial start for attendees to pick up their weekend passes, spend some time together in the lobby (the beginning of lobbyfest) and to socialize later in the evening with some of the actors who have arrived.

11/29 Friday

To save some money I chose to drive from home each day. It is only a 40 minute drive, however it also means I would miss the very beginning of the day (unless I woke up early), and would miss the evening festivities (unless I drove home late). Above is a photo of actors in "Class".

Opening Ceremony

The 7th and 8th Doctor clowning around. I believe they had the most fun this weekend!

Children's Activities


11/30 Saturday

Interview Swap

Sylvestor McCoy and Paul McGann taking turns interviewing each other. That was nice.

Sylvestor McCoy really cannot sit still. His panels on the main stage are always entertaining.

Tony Lee and the Dinosaurs . . . they need to take this show on the road.

12/1 Sunday

This was another fun event, Sylvestor McCoy taking questions from the children.

Closing Ceremonies

The only panel I have gone to in my entire time with this convention, what's your favorite Sci-Fi? I thought it was very cool, and will attend next year, along with a couple more I think.

Chicago TARDIS
The Westin Lombard Yorktown Center
Lombard, IL  60148

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