Friday, October 9, 2020

More than Marrakesh Express ~ a CSNY Experience

So, I go to our town's Friday festival to see / listen to my pals in Marrakesh Express. I found out earlier that there would be some blues music before them. That was just icing on the cake for me. Then I get there and see a country band, and I am not a fan of country music, however the lead singer has a really great voice. Then to find, the blues band is "Billy Branch and the Sons of the Blues". Wow, a total kill for the evening!!!  

Here are a couple of photographs of HonkyTonk Attitude . . .

Billy Branch and the Sons of the Blues

As soon as Billy played, I went "oh man". This was a very special treat this evening.

Billy brought up another blues singer, and she sang it to us! I love this woman.

Marrakesh Express ~ a CSNY Experience

Marrakesh stated to the crowd what I was already thinking. How do they follow Billy? My boys who are quite humble, became humbled even more. What came out of their set was class and a whole lot of fun.

You know they were going to ask Billy up. You know Greg would not even want to come near his harmonica. Yet you never would have realized how classy the entire set was going to be. Marrakesh humbled themselves in front of Billy, giving him the honor he deserved. Billy supported them as an honorable guest, not taking away from them; supporting them. He made Marrakesh's experience even better. For us, damn . . . .

I have to make a statement about my pals Pete and Joe. Pete and Joe's "guitgar voice" is definitive. They tell you what they feel about a song through their play. It is strong. It is real. They are different. They both believe in their own way the "true" music of original artists, and music of their own.

When the band lets the reigns loose, these two go wild for us. They draw us in with their emotion of play. You gotta love these guys.

Dave was in heaven in these photos . . .

Not much else to be said. It was all in the music and their play this evening.

Billy Branch & The Sons Of Blues



Marrakesh Express ~ a CSNY experience


HonkyTonk Attude


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