Monday, December 31, 2012

2012/2013 NYE with The Steepwater Band

I had the great opportunity of seeing The Steepwater Band at the Chicago House of Blues, backporch stage, this New Years Eve. Paige & The Reverent Few opened for them. Many new friends were were also there, who I met through my photography this year (2012).

What was really cool was meeting up with friends in a nearby hotel for pizza and beer, prior to the show. Thank you Joe!

Paige & The Reverent Few opened the show. I had never heard them before. Paige is dynamic, and was also a Season 9 contestant on American Idol. Let me first introduce the band to you, and follow with some photographs.

Paige & The Reverent Few

Paige DeChausse - Lead Vocal

Nick Boettcher - Lead Guitar / Vocal

Dina Simone - Bass

Rob Gould - Drums

Now for some photos of the their show . . .

The backporch stage is a restaurant, with a stage, in the lower level of the House of Blues. As Paige and the band played, dining customers were coming in and out, and those with tickets for New Years Eve were slowly making their way in.

By the time The Steepwater Band was set to play, we had our seats, ready to party. For me, I was all over taking photos of both bands. For my date, some of the same. I gave here my other camera to use. So I will need to call out some of the photos she took to give her credit.
Let me introduce you to the band, and follow once again with some photographs.

The Steepwater Band

Jeff Massey - Lead Vocal / Guitar

Tod Bowers - Bass

Joe Winters - Drums

Eric Saylors - Lead Guitar

Kenny Kinsey - Guest Bass Guitar

Now for the New Years Eve show . . .

New Years!!!!!!  Happy 2013!!!!!

And Yes, my copyright still applies . . .

Our 1st JAM from The Steepwater Band for 2013 . . . Oh Ya . . .

The Steepwater Band then invited Paige to sing with them . . .

These next few photos, Kenny stepped in to place bass . . .

A photo of a photo being taken by my friend Cheryl . . .

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