Saturday, April 25, 2015

Beatles in the Barn

You say you never thought of seeing "Beatles in the Barn"? You say you live near Hobart? Hmm. Guess we missed you then . . .

This was an awesome event. Beatles music played by those who love to play, well, Beatles music. This was the billing:

The Megabeatles

The Crawpuppies

Chris & Lou

I have never been to County Line Orchard before. This place is cool! "I"ll be back." This was the perfect venue to host these musicians, to play music written by The Beatles, and to benefit the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana. 

I write musicians, because each enjoyed themselves on stage. You could see it. Their individual honor of the Fab Five stood out. Their group effort made it such a warming welcome of fun, it was awesome.

Here are photos from the evening. Lots of them. Enjoy!

Items brought in for the food bank. This was before the show. It overflowed as the evening went on.

Chris & Lou

I first saw Chris and Lou play in Hammond, 2013 (and again in 2014), at The Beatles themed Eat Shop and Rock festival. Chris and Lou help carry the torch if you will, keeping The Beatles alive. Not that The Beatles need much help. Just that Chris and Lou do a real good job at it, "Mmm gonna try with a little help from my friends." Okay, a little pun there.

Lava lamps and green apples . . . what is up with that?  Ahh . . . brings back good feelings.

I was able to walk behind the stage and photograph.

One of many things nice about The Beatles, their music crosses all generations. Brings out the "family" in people. This is what the '60s was about.

More of the lava lamp with different stage lighting. I never had one. I need one. Karen?

The Crawpuppies

The Crawpuppies are a "don't miss" band. They are Beatles influenced, along with some Led Zeppelin, Doors, Stones, and all the other music I grew up with. I love these guys!

Life was beautiful here at Beatles in the Barn. Everyone singing Beatles songs, doing their own thing.

The Food Bank of Northwest Indiana thanked the crowd for all the support shown at the event. Again, The Beatles brings out the family atmosphere. It is up to us to maintain it. I am from the hippie era. I see just one possibility. To live as family. Help support! Contact information for the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana can be found at the end of the blog.

The Megabeatles

The Megabeatles, otherwise known as The Crawpuppies, Chris & Lou, and friends.

When I see a cool photo to take, I cannot help myself. I indulge, and binge photograph.

Food Bank of Northwest Indiana
2248 W 35th Avenue
Gary, IN  46408

Chris and Lou

Aaron @ 219.644.7668

County Line Orchard
200 S County Line Rd
Hobart, IN

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