Friday, November 26, 2021

Caught On Cline - 11/26/21

Jazz is a form of musical imrpov. I look at it as a form of controlled chaos too. It is not until you watch, and listen, do you understand it is not chaos at all. It is a blend that takes you on a journey of a mind blowing experience.

Caught On Cline blew my mind tonight. They are all of the above, and more. They bring to us their form of entertainment, and with their personal enjoyment of what they do, we enjoy too.

Jazz is stacked with heritage. I do not need to list everyone. You need to look it up. (Quick reference here.) One person/band not on the list is Chase. I came to love their music in the early to mid '70's, clearing out the grooves in their vinyl titled "Chase". I hope Caught On Cline has a chance to listen to their music, and perhaps do their thing to one of Chase's tunes, like "Get It On" or "Boys and Girls Together".

What you do need to do is catch a Caught On Cline show. Information is at the bottom of this blog.

Caught On Cline

Thank you Region Ale for sponsoring these dudes!

Region Ale

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