Sunday, March 21, 2021

"Maple Syrup Time" at Deep River County Park

It is that time of the year . . . Maple Syrup time! Deep River County Park does their "Maple Syrup Time" every year. The last time I went was in the late '80s I think. So it was nice to see it again.

The first few photographs were from a quick outing with the camera yesterday. I've been wanting to shoot this, and just did some lighting calibrations with the light meter. Metering needs some more work.

The crossing, where duplicate world are not on the same time. (I am sort of expecting the coyote to go splat against the arch.)

Sit at the bar(k) and tap some liquid refreshment . . . 

Some cool looking Doc Martens I'd say . . .

Deep River County Park
9410 Old Lincoln Hwy
Hobart, IN  46342

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