Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Diet of Pork 'N Beans

Pork 'N Beans, Pork 'N Beans, my hunger for Pork 'N Beans.  Okay, I indulged this night.  I got my fix.  It won't last.  I know I will have to cheat again on my diet, and get some more Pork 'N Beans.

Strange?  Perhaps . . . perhaps not.  This night I went to the Underground Wonder Bar to see and listen to the band Pork 'N Beans.  I first met them at Lincoln Hall, earlier this year.  Later in the year, at the Elbo Room.  This night was super special, because this JAM'n duo, plus 1, cranked out some great music.

Yes, I write about a lot of bands, musicians, individuals.  There are a lot more that I do not write about.  For me to write, I need to find the inspiration, the voice within me, that wants to yell out "these guys are great!"  Pork 'N Beans is one of these bands, and tonight they kicked it for me.

Here are some photos from the evening . . . starting with their first song, which was a cover of all things (and done very well), "Hey Joe".  This floored me, being I like Pork 'N Beans original music . . . they did Jimi proud . . . at least this hippie thought so . . .

Musicians seem to do the "Michael Jordan" when they know they are making a move . . . tongue handing out . . .

Yes, that is the photographer people . . . the best . . . (thank you) . . .

What was cool this evening, was after their 1st set.  Everyone was outside on break, chill'n, just soaking in the evening a little.  Because we were outside, we attracted the attention from a group of guys that followed us back inside.  They were ready to concede to the 1st floor, until I said they needed to check out the bass player downstairs.  So they followed me.  What was cool for me, was they found Pork 'N Beans very entertaining.  Weird, however I felt I made a difference in someone's life, getting them involved in what I like.  Art in it's musical form.  Art that one takes back with them in memory, with purpose.  Art that becomes part of you as you journey through life.  We make decisions based on experience, feelings, and sometimes mixed emotions.  However, after listening to bands like "Pork 'N Beans", "the Please, Please Me", "Loyal Plastic Robots", "Nomad Planets", "The Steepwater Band", "The Wild Torching Spree", "Lou Shields", "Pete Calacci", your decision, your choice, becomes clear.  For all these bands are real, emotional, inspirational.  They give you the positive voice inside you.  The voice that helps make better decisions.

Do I get carried away in my writing?  Yes, and no.  There is a purpose.  One so big that we tend to over look it.  That purpose, be one with the world.  Every thread in this universe affects us, to varying degrees. Why not make the best art that one can share, to be real, emotional, and inspirational.  My desire is to remember those who directly affect me in a positive way.  To pass that experience onto you.

Thank you Pork 'N Beans!!!!  Also, thank you to all of the other bands I mentioned.  You have given me an experience that is now a permanent part of who I am.

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