Friday, April 29, 2022

The Steepwater Band Record Release - "Re-Turn Of The Wheel"

First blog entry:

I want to be this band, The Steepwater Band. They write music. They add notes, they play, improve, look for perfection, then wring it through the mill a few times until it comes out clean. A Chicago Electric Guitar Blues Rock.

They tour the U.S.. They travel to Europe to play in front of very happy fans. Large venues to small venues. In front of hundreds or a couple fists full, the Steepwater Band always put on a show. They are loveable. They are super talented, and I do mean super talented. They breath energy into you and watch you light up with their jam, turning the excitement in circles.

Being an introvert (me), I will not be as great as The Steepwater Band. I can only strive to be my best all all I do, and to take photographs along the way. I am super happy The Steepwater Band was my first big show to photograph in 2012, when Eric Saylors joined. I look forward to many more of their shows, and of bands they play on stage with.

Second blog entry:

Another super great night with my friends of The Steepwater Band, and my friends their fans. This was my first time at Vegetable Buddies in South Bend. Super friendly, a very nice venue, and what I noticed and liked was the stage setup for the band. Everyone had a great time because of Vegetable Buddies, and of course with the greatest band coming out of Chicago/NW Indiana, The Steepwater Band!!!

The band is very important to me. They have played (pun intended) a very important part in my life. They were and are the first big time band that I have photographed. And unbeknown to me at that time, the first time I photographed them at the Chicago House of Blues was the first time I saw by bride-to-be, Christi, who I still call my bride (literally) today. This band has stuck with us as much as we have stuck with them, attending our wedding, making sure we are taken care of at their concerts, and Christi and/or I attending a couple of their weddings. This is how extraordinary the members of this band are as people, understanding strive, their humbleness, and laying down music like on their new album "Re-Turn Of The Wheel". This is the reason I photograph them, to help promote their life of music and to bring more followers into the fold.

Jeff Massey — Lead VOX / Lead Guitar

Eric Saylors — Lead Guitar / BKG VOX

Joe Bishop — Bass / BKD VOX

Joe Winters — Drums

And let it be told now, the music does not stop until the drummer says so . . .

Here are some photographs from this evening. I hope you will enjoy!

The Steepwater Band

Vegetable Buddies
129 N. Michigan St.
South Bend, IN 46601

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