Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Renee Wicinski of NW Indiana - A photographer you should know . . .

One person I highly respect as a photographer is Renee Wicinski of NW Indiana.  She and I worked together at a couple Tier 1 automotive companies.  Basically she was my customer within the plant.  Through this we developed a respect and understanding of each other’s views, we were able to help each other see what the other sees, solve problems together, continually improving, and I have to credit that to each of us being a photographer.

When she and I found out we both liked photography, she was the first to bring in some of her work.  Not to show off, but to find out if what she intended is what I saw.  (Someone actually valued my opinion!)  The one photo that really stood out to me was one she arranged and shot for her boyfriend Pete.  It was one of his pride and joy guitars (at least I believe he had more than one pride and joy).  The photo is one thing, which is what she has allowed me to show you below.  The arrangement that she had with the picture frame is what completed it, which you really need to see to appreciate her talent.

So, this post is to show off Renee's work to those who like photography.  I am sure she could be convinced to do some commissioned work, if you are interested.  For now, enjoy a very small sample of her work.  

Thank you Renee for being a photographer and friend.  I will update this blog entry as time goes so that everyone will have a one-stop-update and review of your work.

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Mary LeVan said...

Thanks, Dear Wesley, for showcasing Renee's work - some of the scenes looked familiar - enjoyed her work - and yours -