Thursday, November 27, 2014

Chicago Tardis 2014

Another can't wait, Thanksgiving weekend, doing what my son and I have grown to enjoy. A weekend of Doctor Who with friends, and this time, with my bride Christi at Chicago TARDIS 2014!

I have been attending Doctor Who cons in the Chicago area since 1989, when I first met Collin Baker. Since then I have met Jon Pertwee on up to Paul McGann. I have met many Doctor Who companions, writers, artists, Blake's 7 actors, Red Dwarf and Torchwood, oh, and I know I am missing a few more.

This weekend I will meet for the first time Billie Piper, Annette Badland, Noel Clarke, Camille Coduri, Ellie Darcey-Alden, Sonita Henry, Wendy Padbury, and Deborah Watling. Actually, I believe I have met Wendy in 1993, and perhaps Deborah too. Let's not forget the host of other writers, composers, directors, and most of all of the great people and actors from Big Finish!

And and and, do not forget the fans that return year after year to this event. This first photo is of my friend Teri. Each year she makes fudge for us. I love her to pieces for being such a lovable Whovian.

Thursday 11/27 - Contributor Reception

Next photo is of Jason Haigh-Ellery, executive producer at Big Finish. Jason has been attending this con almost as long as I have. Of course Kevin, a fellow FB friend and Whovian on Jason's right.

This next couple photos are of Noel Clarke, who came to our table, and flirted with my bride. At least that is what she will be thinking of it . . .

Debora Watling (left) and Wendy Padbury (right).

I photographed Camille Coduri when she was walking toward my direction, hence, the photo is not perfectly in focus. She still struck the pose!

Sonita Henry looking very pretty.

Wendy Padbury.

Annette Badland . . .

Ellie Darcey-Alden (in white) . . .

I will never forget this next person. I met Nicholas Briggs the first time he came to Chicago. We had brunch together that first time, and he has remembered my, and my son Nick, ever since.

Thursday 11/28

Another good day at Chicago Tardis 2014.  I spent my time getting autographs and photographs. Along the way, taking photos.  The first few photos are of the cool looking Dalek.

Joseph Darcey-Alden, Ellie Darcey-Alden, and Sonita Henry.  What impressed me with these three was their professionalism, paying attention to their audience, and interacting with them.

My bride Christi enjoying the con . . .

My bride in the above photo, with K9, and friend Sarah in the photo below working the silent auction booth . . .

I really enjoy hearing the companions talk about their experience on Doctor Who. Especially when they talk about Doctors whom I have not met, like Patrick Troughton. Here are some photos of Wendy Padbury.

Friends Faizah and Assad!

Annette Badland! I cannot get over how real, how wanting to work, actors are. It was fun to listen to Annette tell her story, being happy with her life, enjoying life.

Deborah (Debbie) Watling. Debbie was a lot of fun. Her stories of her life surrounding Doctor Who are nothing short of precious. She actually reminds me of my mother in-law.

Opening ceremonies with Jennifer . . .

Saturday 11/29

Saturday has historically been the busiest day at the con. Everyone is warmed up, knowing where to go, and hitting the time and relative dimension in space road to their favorites, like to the dealers room, main programming, and of course autographs and photographs. Traditionally as well, you see more people in costume, because Saturday leads to the evening fun of the Chicago TARDIS Masquerade, and The Britrock Cyberkaraoke Party!

Photos from Saturday . . .

My friend Sarah (below), who I did not spend time with. Sorry Sarah! This was the first time Christi attended a Doctor Who convention, so we were very busy. There will be plans to gather with friends for 2015.

Friend Teri . . .

Bride Christi! (next photo)

New found friend Faizah as a Cyberlady . . .

The fans best friend, Jennifer!

Chicago TARDIS Masquerade

The infamous Match Game while the judges are out doing their thing . . .

The winners of the the Chicago TARDIS Masquerade . . .

The Britrock Cyberkaraoke Party

I have come to enjoy this late evening event. Though I left early (about 11:30) because the day wore on me. If anyone has photos they would like to share on my blog, of the Cyberkaraoke after I left, I will be happy to post.

A little Rocky Horror "Time Warp"!!!!!!

A little "Doctor Doctor" "Bad Case of Loving You" by Robert Palmer, sung by my bride! (I did not know she could do that, and so well.)

Sunday 11/30

Lots of activities take place Sunday. This is also the return home for some of our guests, and fans. The fun part, if you are fortunate to obtain a ticket, is Sunday brunch. You have a chance to sit with the actors, tell stories, learn from one another, and most of all make new friends.

This convention is different. Here at Chicago TARDIS you pal around with the guests. You treat them like your neighbor. You converse with them. You laugh. As always, Sunday brings some tears for this gathering has brought about so many feelings of joy and happiness. Corny, yes. However, true.

Because I spend my Sunday morning at brunch, I do not have as many photos for the day. So here are the photos I took . . .

My purpose is to promote Doctor Who of any form, and to support Chicago TARDIS and Big Finish. If you have any photos that you would like to share on my blog, please send them. You will be given photo credit! For the viewing public, copyright covers anyone who provides photos for my blog. Please do not abuse and take photos without permission.

You can see Chicago TARDIS 2013 by clicking here, and Chicago TARDIS 2012 by clicking here. Cheers!

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