Sunday, July 28, 2019

Christi's 1st Helicopter Ride

This Sunday was the memorial service at EAA Oshkosh for those who passed since the last EAA convention. My dad was among those names. To give you some framework, my dad went back the second day to join EAA and obtained #26. I joined much later with number #84,624. I signed Christi up last year and she is #1,275,845.

Some of the photographs from the service can be found on my blog about my dad (click here for link, still working on those photos). These photos are from our extended stay after the service, starting with the shuttle ride back from the service.

After we went back to the museum to rest and cool off, we walked out to the Bell helicopter rides. Christi saw them on the way back and wanted to take a hop. This next set of photographs are from the walk out there.

The path out there was across the runway, so we had to stop and wait for the chopper to pass. Photo time.

We arrived at the hanger where everyone was queued to take a hop. Perhaps 50 people ahead of us. They were running maybe 5 helicopters, and each took 2 passengers. So the line move pretty quickly. While inside I took these two photographs.

Proof that Christi went up, and obviously I took a few photographs to document this inauguration.

I walked down to the crossing of the runway to photograph her fly back. I did not photograph the landing. I thought this would be cooler.

Some photographs afterward, toward the Children area of the convention.

So we stayed a while to watch the air show. Christi was excited to see it. Me, it looked a bit lame given the air shows I have been to. Being a Sunday and the place probably 80% cleared out, it was to be expected.

This you do not see every day, let alone once a year. A F4U Corsair and an F-18 Super Hornet flying alongside each other. I can just picture the conversation, "speed up", "no, you slow down". Fortunately the high speed of the F4U and the slow speed of the F-18 overlap enough that it was not a problem to fly in tight formation for this great show of vintage and today's power.

Christi photographed more of the airshow. She may post some photos on her blog.

(Experimental Aircraft Association)
3000 Poberezny Road
Oshkosh, WI 54903
(43o50'04"N 088o33'25"W)

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