Saturday, February 24, 2018

NWI Comic-Con 2018

The 5th Annual NWI Comic-Con was held once again at the Halls of St. George in Shererville . . . basically in my back yard. Given all of the cons that I have been to, this years event at the NWI Comic-Con just seemed very enjoyable in comparison. There was room to move around, food, places to sit and rest, and lots of face time with the writers and artists. It is not commercialized like the other cons, $10 to get in, and very children friendly.

I met a lot of people. I brought back a lot of cards. I will try to mention them throughout the blog. If you are not identified and would like to be, please drop me a message at WesBushby[at]  (I use the brackets keep the bots away, so use @). I do give a lot of thanks to those who run the con, and those who volunteer. I really really really enjoyed this year.

With that, lets kick you off with some photographs. A lot of photographs. Enjoy!

Above is Tober Kearby. Below Raz Ortiz. I was very impressed with both their art. Both take a very different approach to their art, different results, all of it stunning.

By bride Christi above, and below with a couple of The Doctors.

South Shore Ghostbusters in the house . . .

Below is art by Pui Che who specializes in fantasy illustrations. His work is very different, and very eye catching. Each piece has a story that is told by illustration within illustration. Sound complicated? Not at all. The outcome is spectacular.

Also in attendance was NICK (Northwest Indiana Cancer Kids. They were there to let us know they provide Hope and Help to our cancer kids, and need your support. If I have this right, the board below is of the kids in our region who lost their battle with cancer. This is to remind us these kids were real, had lives, and cherished each moment of it. You can provide more help by going to

Also in the house, looking for support and homes for our furry friends, was the Humane Indiana Shelter. You can find out more about them at Christi and I have our fur-baby Bubba, that we saw on WGN when a puppy mill was being raided south of Kankakee. We tracked him down and adopted him. All animals want is love and respect. That is not much to ask for such a fulfilling return.

The photo above and 2 photos below were of the silent auction. Lots to bid on!

Close to the same location, different natural light. Thought I would do both with the help of this very kind gentlemen.

Some of the line outdoors. The line did keep moving. Sort of a natural exchange with those leaving and those coming in.

The above photograph is of Markisan Naso. I could feel his passion for comic book writing, and saw the product which was intense.

Below is Jon Parrish, born in Hammond, with his different style of writing which I enjoyed as well.

The photograph below is of Jamie Primack. She has a lot of black & white comic art, is a writer, and an illustrator. Her study of medium I think sets her apart.

Kids Cosplay

This little lady had it down . . . perfect . . .

Teen Cosplay

Just so you know, the stage lighting was playing havoc with the digital camera sensors. The next two photographs were taken within seconds, however with totally different affects because of the lighting. This made it difficult to capture photographs of everyone.

Adult Cosplay

One of our very own artists, Guzman Gloves. We love this guy because of his energy and support of the local art . . .

Cosplay Winners!

Thank You Sponsors!

NWI Comic Con

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