Saturday, September 30, 2017

"Trials and Trails" at Steelworkers Park

I love the arts. They bring out the emotion in you that is created by the artist. You connect either from your experiences, or the experience being told by the artist that you relate too. 

This multidisciplinary performance from Cowboys and Vikings: Trials and Trails of Steelworkers Park did just that. When you here the story of the steel mills on the South side of Chicago, you imagine all of the workers who put their lives on the line to provide for their families.

To lead us off in this evenings performance was the Horace Mann Marching Mustangs from the East side of Chicago. Given the chilly evening I can say they performed great. Their entrance, dance and music, and exit were all outstanding. Here are some photographs.

"Trials and Trails" at Steelworkers Park

Developed and Directed by Erica Mott


Brandon Avery

Christopher Knowlton

Carlos Lopez

Bryan Saner

(Original roles developed by Blake Russell, Brian Shaw, and Jason Torres Hancock)

Music by:

Ryan Ingebritsen

Emmy Bean

Picolina and Holly Stevens

Projections by:

Mark Comiskey

Liviu Pasare

Hugh Sato

For the industrial history of the Chicago Southeast side I recommend this link (click here).

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