Friday, January 13, 2017

Corey Dennison Band

Some good blues with some friends at Wild Rose tonight. This being the first time ever hearing the Corey Dennison Band. For my bride Chrisi, oh she seems to have seen every band or band member play for some time now.

I have known Gerry Hundt for a while now, playing his one-man-band. I have to say, I can tell he enjoys his instrumental freedom when playing with Corey. A different level of blues comes out. One that seamlessly rides with the waves, taking in the audience, making corrections as to their vibes.

If you have never met Corey, you should. He has a mission with his blues. He is in tune with his body, as his heart guides him how to play. He is a story teller, his is uplifting, he is soulful. You will understand and know Corey once you have sat down and listened.

Nik Skilnik can play the straight man for Corey, but does he kick it on base. His solo was amazing. I had to yell a couple times during his solo. He seemed to feed off the crowd, as Corey does, to adjust his play for us.

Joel Baer on drums was a cool crisp sound. His solo as well was beyond the norm, playing every which way you could, from sticks to hands to fingers resonating of the rim.

Here are some photos from the evening. Enjoy!

Corey Dennison Band

Corey Dennison - Guitar / Vocal

Gerry Hundt - Guitar / Harmonica

Nik Skilnik - Bass

Joel Baer - Drums

Here is a clip at the end of the base solo . . .

Friend Ryan Frahm, another blues player from deep inside himself, joined in near the end.

Corey Dennison Band

Wildrose Brewing Company
1104 E Main St.
Griffith, IN  46319

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