Friday, February 28, 2014

Adrift in Macao - NW Indiana Premiere at the Towle Theater

"As you wait for something, you become part of something. You become Adrift in Macao." - Wes Bushby

Tired of the cold? Tired of the snow? Well, come into the Towle Theater and warm up with a very fun and warming performance of "Adrift in Macao"!!! Spoiler Alert Sweetie . . . the photos will give it away. So hold your breath a little longer and go see the performance at the Towle Theater as soon as you can.

Film Noir. Look up the definition Online or in the dictionary. You will then realize why I photographed the way I did. I cannot say it was all my idea. Casey had to give me the hint first, then I looked it up when I came home. You can almost picture this, a film noir, as you see this musical comedy. 

I still remember every detail that I photographed, and I have not even reviewed my photos yet. I am here typing, wanting to capture the evening for you, of this wonderfully fun little musical. By that I mean, it leaves you light and, well, singing as you leave, Ticky Ticky Tock. A real nice feeling that helps you get through this cold winter season.

The characters have their story. It is simple, you can get your mind around it and easily sit back and enjoy. It does not tax you, rather, it makes you smile and laugh. The cast members, as always at the Towle Theater, are wonderful. The supporting music goes perfectly with the characters and scenes. I love the scenery too. I first thought the shadows of the buildings on the lower wall were masks off the lighting. NOT . . . they were hand made by the looks of it. The functional board walk and moving walls are in keeping with the simplicity of the musical. Do not get me wrong, the musical is not simplistic. As I stopped to watch (not photograph), I saw the depth the cast put into their characters. Yet they pull it off so well that it feels, well, simple.

Let me introduce you to the cast, starting with the character name . . .

Lureena - Sara Mergener

Mitch - Ian Rigg

Corinna - Mara Dale

Tempura - Matthew Huston

Rick - Kevin Bellamy

Trench Coat Woman - Lauren Knutson

Trench Coat Man - Colin Funk

Sit back and let the photos warm you up as you wait for something to happen, and become part of, "Adrift in Macao" . . .

If you did not take note of these two (the trench coat actors next photo), you should have. They kept your eye entertained just ever so slightly as the main characters toyed with each other. I really like these two.

This scene was a fun deviation from the main musical. Rick comes out in a tux, basically saying "it's my turn to sing", being he has not had much of a part other than another pretty face. He lays it on thick, gives you more faces than you can shake a stick at, and makes you laugh. Great job!!!

This scene was a lot of fun too. The chase, but who is chasing who? Everyone so spooked they shoot at shadows. This was very well arranged, though for photography it was difficult for me. So please forgive me on these next few photos.

Hello Sweetie, another spoiler alert. The next set of photos are top secret, so, let us jump to the closing . . .

This is the beginning of the 2014 season.  I first photographed at the Towle Theater the beginning of their 2012 season opening of "Ordinary Days".  This musical, "Adrift in Macao", left me with the same uplifting feeling. "As you wait for something, you become part of something. You become Adrift in Macao." Ticky Ticky Tock to you.

Production Staff

Director - Jeff Casey

Vocal/Music Director - Elizabeth Tuazon

Lighting Design - Jeff Casey

Set/Costume Design - Kevin Bellamy

Scenic Artists - Casey King


Piano - Elizabeth Tuazon

Synthesizer - Georges Augustin

Reed - Larry Meschi

Bass - Don Parker

Percussion - Roye Robley

Song List

Prologue - Company
In A Foreign City - Lureena
Grumpy Mood - Mitch
Tempura's Song - Tempura
Mister McGuffin - Tempura, Corinna, Joe, Daisy
Pretty Moon Over Macao - Lureena
Mambo Malaysian - Corinna
Pretty Moon/Mambo Malaysian - Lureena, Corinna
Sparks - Mitch, Lureena
Adrift In Macao - Mitch, Lureena, Corinna, Tempura
So Long - Lureena
The Chase - Company
Revelation - Tempura
Ticky Ticky Tock - Company

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780


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