Friday, December 11, 2020

B of W in B&W

Updated: 6/19/2024

Okay, a little pun, Best of Wes in Black and White. I will keep adding to this blog post as I photograph B&W, or convert existing color photographs to Black and White.

Black and White photographs serve a great purpose. They show you the flaws in a photograph. They also highlight what is right in a photograph. No color noise to distract us. There is a focus and clarity of thought.

In the end it is still the photographer. What the photographer is crying out in their photographic voice can decide if it should be B&W or not. If you do not think so, place a properly exposed B&W next to a properly exposed color, and tell me they "speak" the same. It would be rare if they did. (Not lottery rare, but rare in any case.)

All of these photographs were with the camera hand held. If I used a tripod it will be noted. Some of the more tricky lighting photographs I will show my camera settings. Unless I am being sponsored by a camera company, I chose not to state what camera/lens I was using.

I am purposefully leaving off peoples names of who are in the photographs. I do not want them harassed in any way.

Remember, if you click on the photograph it will enlarge, and you can then arrow through them in full view.

In no particular order . . .


Star Trails
3834s, ƒ2.8, ISO 100 (tripod)

1/60s, ƒ4.5, ISO 25600

1/500s, f/5.6, ISO 25600
1/500s, ƒ5.6, ISO 25600

1/400s, ƒ6.3, ISO 25600

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