Thursday, November 26, 2015

Chicago TARDIS 2015

Oh how much fun we have as Doctor Who fans! I really enjoyed Chicago TARDIS this year. There were so many actors that I have not met yet, like Katy Manning (as Jo Grant), Alex Kingston (as River Song), Ingrid Oliver (as Osgood), Samuel Anderson (as Danny Pink), Sara Louise Madison (As the Weeping Angel), and Ross Mullan (as several creatures, probably most known as The Silence).

There is a set of photos for each day Christi and I were there. Lots "and lots" of photos for you to look through. Here is the first evening . . .

Thursday the 26th

Friday the 27th

Our dog, Bubba (far left), did not take kindly to K-9 entering his turf. Both of them had a barking contest. Not sure who won.

That's right, Hello Sweetie, I met Alex Kingston!!!

The Chronological Cavalcade

Don't Blink Dance Party!

Saturday the 29th

The Chicago TARDIS Masquerade

Yes, The Master is dancing with him . . .

The Britrock Cyberkaraoke Party

Sunday the 29th

Camp Time Lord Open Activities

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