Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Fabulous 50's Christmas - A Musical (2013)

The directing of both cast and music is great. I walked away with the image, Holiday music, and feeling of the 50's. The songs, the commercials, were presented very well by the cast. What I walked away with is just what I wrote . . . an image, Holiday music, and feeling of the 50's.

This is an annual event at the Towle Theater. I was there last year, and wondered what would be different this year. It was all different. It was a calming, rejoiceful, a funny (to me) commercialized musical. Thank you Towle Theater!

Though the photos do tell a story, I do not believe they are spoilers. You have to be there to listen to the music and commercials of the times. My photos do not do that justice.


Dan Ball

Lauren Demerath

Cornelia Miller

Rachelyn Primm

Ian Rigg

Enjoy the show!

(Go see the show!)

I remember my mom's family getting together when I was young, just like these photos, dressed for the Holidays. All of us gathered around the piano and sang, or at least the adults sang. Us children just played.

I think I need to buy me some Brylcream . . .

"Sorry dear, you coffee just is not as good as at the office."

"Try freeze dried coffee!" I remember that being advertised in the 60's, to replace the regular coffee made at home.

Pepsi in a bottle. Those were the days. Amazing how the container can change the taste. I still prefer the old glass bottles.

As a child I loved Suzy Snowflake. This scene brought those memories back . . .

As a child I also remember all of the electric shaver commercials during the Holidays. Seemed like as a child that was what I wanted to get Dad for Christmas, because that would make both Mom and Dad happy. Amazing how marketing worked back then. Marketing is still in force today, but I think, without the simplicity and class of yesteryear.

Thought I would show a quick picture of Jeff Casey at work . . .

Oh, another quick photo of Kevin Bellamy shaking the presents . . . he still does not know what is in them.

A special thanks to this seasons sponsor, Accucraft Imaging, Inc.  You know, seeing this season, and last season for the first time at Towle, it makes me want to be a sponsor . . .

I hope you have enjoyed the musicals and plays at the Towle Theater this year. I have. I also hope you have enjoyed the blogs I have put together. A friend of mine, Debra, is getting involved in blogging and I have asked her to join me in photographing at the Towle Theater. Click here for her site.  A very talented lady.

Thanks to everyone . . .

Production Staff

Director . . . Jeff Casey

Vocal / Music Director . . . Elizabeth Tuazon

Lighting Design . . . Jeff Casey

Set / Costume Design . . . Kevin Bellamy


Jeff Casey, Managing Director

Kevin Bellamy, Director of Administration

Jacob Brunetti, Intern PUC

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

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