Saturday, April 20, 2024

Genre: NOMAD

Yes, it is a little scary to think that with all that exists in the universe, there are thoughts/ideas that have not been thought of yet. So much history, resources, talent you would might have believed it is nearly exhausted. The universe is still very open for more new never heard of thought. Where it comes from is obviously us. As far as we know anyway. How we do it though I am still bewildered. Perhaps that is a good thing. 

In order for people to reconcile, to give it a place, we label. This allows us to collect our thoughts. Like we are in a mail room shooting letters into little cubby holes by zip code, by street, by number. We know where everything goes so that we can find it again.

But what about new thought that does not fit in that process? What do we do with it? Do we force it, give it a label? Are we graying/diluting it by classifying it? Do we loose that uniqueness of thought, desire, creativity by fitting it? What do we do?

We look for similarities to explain. When we find a match we set ourselves at ease. We were given the challenge to do so by human nature, to succeeded, and then to mindlessly except and go with it. We do it with every genre. We give it a quick thought then move on. Literature, music, art, entertainment . . . .

Yet something still causes you to pause. Like a step heard in the dark of noise. You are alerted. Your adrenalin flows. You get excited, wanting to get closer, wanting to resolve because who does not want a challenge. And how many of us resolve, then just to put it in a cubby hole and move on.

I witnessed a new genre tonight. One I knew was there. One that I had not yet labeled, put in a cubby hole, and that thought bothered me. I guess that is what makes us human. When it bothers us we keep enthralling about it. We want to know. Sometimes we do not want to know. In that case it goes away. I found out just moments later buddy Daryl had the same notice. Intriguing as that was, I still wanted to know so that I could explain to others. Ha, guess that is why we do what we do. We label, categorize, cubby hole it, in order to help explain to others what it is we saw, heard, felt.

In the genre of music we break that down to other genres. Country, blues, folk, pop, alternative, and many more with their sub-categories. When we cannot put it in a genre we begin to label "similar to". That then seems to satisfy us. Tonight, no such case. After discussing with brother Daryl it hit me that setting a genre was not proper for this band, the Nomad Planets. Hence . . . .

Genre: NOMAD

There is a lot of support for original music.  Nomad Planets are at the top of the list of such original music. Their music as of late is powerful, diverse, on its own. You CANNOT give it a genre label anymore. Not that I could have before. It just became obvious Now. They are their own genre. So unique, just so close to something that you remember, felt, understood, yet cannot attach it. Like a slight itch that you cannot scratch. They are stand alone, one of a kind, rhythmic, fluid like, in your face, kick ass, and laid back. Yep, I fell into trying to give it a place in my socially created catalog of categories and cubby holes. Nomad Planets just does not fit. And why should they? Ask Albert Einstein.

Each of us are unique. We just do not think of ourselves in that fashion as a norm. As we create we rely on past experience, thoughts, to create new. Albert Einstein once said, "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." He also said, "The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know." I believe Nomad Planets have met this in the face. They may not understand they have, or maybe they do. My thought is this is how they are now creating their music. This is how they are now their own Genre. Fitting too. They continue to roam, to not stay in one fixed place, though with one exception to being a Nomad perhaps. They want to create like Albert Einstein. They are Nomads among the Planets, they are our Nomad Planets!

Here are your Nomad Planets, in full living color. To really experience the genre of Nomad you need to go to one of their concerts and/or buy their music. Support the arts, support local business, support original everything.

Nomad Planets

Northwoods Falls
8101 Wicker Avenue
Saint John, Indiana


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