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The Robots @ Austin Community Tavern

February 4th, 2012 is where it all began. My first time photographing a band, and it was The Robots. I was super excited, and impressed. The energy was so intense that I ended up shooting over five-hundred photographs that evening.

Tonight was as special as it was then. Well sort of. We lost our dear friend Bob Sherman who was an anchor of brotherhood for the band. In his place now is Joe William. Obviously a totally different person than Bob, but what a contribution of talent to this band.

The band came out strong. I have not been to see them much, so the majority of songs were new and superbly performed. Yes, there was some classic Robot songs along the way. However I enjoyed what I saw as their new stuff. Perfectly executed with rhythm, heart, and a whole lot of style.

Here are some photographs of the evening. Not the multitude I took  February 4th, 2012, because I have improved. Enjoy!

Oh oh oh, I cannot go forward without mentioning the proprietor of Austin Community Tavern, Phillip Panozzo, shown in the photograph above fine tuning the sound board. His enthusiasm for music is very personal, and at the same time he wants to share it wherever he can. He enjoys local talent, and will travel to other venues like Northwoods Falls to see our talent play. Phillip is a very wonderful person who enjoys the life of music. If you have not yet had the opportunity, please go check out Austin Community Tavern in Steger. More information is at the end of this blog post.

The Robots

Cheers to a friend!
Bob Sherman 7/28/59 - 6/8/23

Sadly, though still grateful, the last time I saw Bob in person was when The Robots played at Austin Community Tavern. A great person, and he always held out a welcoming hand to me. One person I will never forget.

Too, I do not greave well. It took me 'till now, when it hit me this evening, when I last saw Bob and to say/write anything about it. Though we were not real close, he treated me like family and invited me to various family/music things because he knew I enjoyed photographing. As I know The Robots and our local music family will remember him, I will remember him too, especially when I photograph The Robots. Peace out brother, and keep a watch over us as we will yours.

Austin Community Tavern
81 East 34th St.
(on Steger Road, 1 mile West of I-394)
Steger, IL

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