Saturday, October 23, 2021

Nomad Planets 10/23/21


A nice evening out to see Nomad Planets at Buddy & Pal's in Schererville. It has been a while, and they have added Chris Grove to the lineup. I could see some of Chris's influence, and the bands enjoyment of it. I have now nicknamed Chris the Renegade Keyboardist, because of an opening to a song that caught the band a little off guard, however they went with it, and it was cool.

Nomad Planets play almost all original songs. They have several CD's out, 5 I think, and they hope to be working on another next year (songs are written). Tonight they mixed in some cover songs, in the way only Nomad Planets can planetize. Perhaps a few more cover songs than normal, however WOW! If you were to close your eyes and listen, you would know it was them anywhere, anytime.

Here are some photographs of the evening for you to enjoy . . . peace out . . .

Local, groovy, with intent, slap happy, courageous, willing to lay it down and still feel good if it did not go down as planned. These guys know how to have fun, which is fun for us. They are people who are for the people. Power on dudes . . .

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