Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hot Air Balloons

More hot air balloons, the lighter than air aircraft that everyone enjoys! Another late blog, photographed in 2010, and put up today September 27th, 2016. This was a trip to Detroit to see one of my customers who was having a problem. On the way there, somewhere around Kalamazoo (might have even been Kalamazoo) I saw some these balloons north of I-94. I was not sure what they were doing, but wanted to investigate. Glad I did. They were doing some king of run, and one leg had them steer to a target to drop their flag on. It was cool to see them dodge each other, get position over one another, drop, swing their flag with a weight on the end, and let it fly to the target. After, they had to do a full burn to get out of there because other balloons were right behind them, let alone trees if front. This first photo was the drive to Detroit, near Cline Avenue. I took that photo to start my journey, and boy did it end up a fun one.


I was zigzagging all through town trying to find where these puffs of art were diving at. I finally got through the maze of streets.

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