Friday, May 31, 2013

Who Prov - these Provs are good!!!!

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I think I am hooked on improv. Specifically, Who Prov. The theme of Doctor Who lends itself to anything. There is a lot that the writers of Doctor Who have given us, both in the New Series and Original Series, that the universe and time are at the fingertips of these actors.  These actors have multiplied that hundred fold with their improv.  They can take you Anywhere!!!!

This evening the cast was once again great. Same actors playing different characters than the prior improv (with the exception of the Doctor of course). Different thoughts, come backs, hints (those were funny parts), costumes than before. I really want to go back each Friday and see what happens. It is definitely like waiting for the next episode of Doctor Who.

Here are some photos from this evenings, set in the 1920's. (I should have written down all that the audience said, that was used to do the impov. Next time.)

Please come next week, when Doctor Who C.J. takes the stage for another fun filled evening episode, of Who Prov!!!! Doctor Who fans in costume are welcomed!!!!!!!!
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Who Prov

Friday's at 7:30

May 31 thru June 21, 2013

Donny's Skybox
1608 N Wells St.
Chicago, IL  60610
(312) 337-3992

$13 for tickets