Friday, May 26, 2017

Grindhouse's 5th Birthday

I love local business when they want to celebrate with the community. It ties us together in support of one another. It make life that much more special for everyone. This event celebrated The Grindhouse's 5th year in Griffith at their new Space Revival location, with bands Nomad Planets and Achors, who I both enjoy.

Willis: Who came first? Wes: Whatcha talk'n about Willis? Willis: Nomad Planets or Anchors? Wes: Anchors. Willis: No way, they're too young. Wes: No idiot, I saw Anchors first.

Yep, out of the two bands, I saw Anchors first at Paul Henry's Art Gallery in Hammond. One of the very few electric shows that had ever played their at that time. February 19th, 2012 to be exact. Here is a link to that blog. I saw Nomad Planets perform for my first time at Beatles Fest 2012. July 28th, 2012 to be exact. Though this was only my 2nd time for Anchors (based out of Valpo area), and my 24th time to see Nomad Planets (based out of the Hammond area). You can see most of my blogs on Nomad Planets by going to my categorized StreetPhoto.ME website.

Lighting is always a challenge for a photographer. Something a painter can overcome, but not so easily for film or electronic data. This event was one of those challenges. Now that I have been to Space Revival, I can better plan for next time. Here are some photographs of the celebration for you to look at.

Oh, before I forget to mention it again, my bride Christi and I brought in some sandwiches from Grindhouse.  Our recommendation is to try everything on the menu!

My Bride Christi!

Space Revival
132 N. Broad Street
Griffith, IN 46319

Grindhouse Cafe
146 N. Broad Street
Griffith, IN 46319

Nomad Planets


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