Saturday, August 1, 2020

Our Mackinac Getaway

Our four day adventure to Mackinac Island was because of this band (shown above), Magic Bus. We first met them at Hippie Fest in Angolia, Indiana last year. We were hoping to see them at the Hobart Art Theater earlier this year, however that was cancelled for obvious reasons. So, my bride and I chose to go back to Mackinac Island to see them in an open controlled environment.

This blog post is for the time we spent on the island, with exception of the Magic Bus. That is a different blog post which you can read by clicking "here".

Saturday 8/1

This is at the dock, waiting for our ferry to take us to the island. A very nice day to wear masks even.

I thought this next photo sorta cool. Water, wheel, and parachute transportation.

The pirate ship we have been hearing about, being used as one of the ferry.

My bride wants to do some kayaking. Me, not so much. I don't like the water. Scares me.

The next couple of photographs are of the Murray hotel where we were staying. One of the oldest. There are many options for bed and breakfast places to stay at as well, and of course the Grand Hotel. You can see some of our prior visit photos of the Grand Hotel by clicking here.

Sunday 8/2

Sort of like waiting behind the garbage truck when on the mainland.

Saturday 8/2

Click here for link to my other blog on Magic Bus.

Monday 8/3
New Murray House, ca. 1853

Top floor, second and third windows from the right, our room!!! (above photo)

Start of our 8.2 mile bicycle ride around the island.

My bride, rock'n it . . . 😏

So, while staying to the far right with our tri-wheel bicycles, this girl passes us on the left and starts shooting a video of what is a ahead, while still riding her bike. Needless to say she wiped out in a big way (not hurt), and held up her eight or so party members while they straightened out the bike.

Tuesday 8/4



Thanks so much Mackinac Island for maintaining our heritage, giving us the opportunity to relive, and experience.

Mackinac Island


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