Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chicago - Front Side

I was out with the Meetup group photographing Chicago from Adler Planetarium.  The temperature outside was perfect, with a slight breeze.  I was surprised of the clarity, not being as good as it was the other night when I ventured out that way to find my bearing for this day.  Wind direction in Chicago seems to make a difference in photography.

I thought this first photo interesting.  Yes, you see the typical Chicago skyline, however the street lamp is not so typical, different in contrast, almost as if it were cut and paste in.  Not so.

Shooting blind in this next photo.  I like the closeness to the water.

Model friends Rachel and Passion stopped by and allowed me to photograph them.

Fellow photographers at the Meetup . . .

Watergate . . . why else would all these lights be on in the wee hours of the night?

In all it was a very enjoyable evening.  Nice city, nice front front side view, nice people, and the fun of the models.  Again please !

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