Thursday, March 29, 2012

82nd Acoustical JAM - Paul Henry's Art Gallery

I apologize for the delay getting this post up.  Being out of town for the two weeks put me behind.  Too bad I have to work a regular job . . .

So, some quick posting of photos for now.  I will have to finish with names this weekend.  (Photo shoots to go to the next few evenings.)

It was an early evening for me.  I had to catch a plane to Atlanta the next morning . . . which was an excellent adventure in itself . . .

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Loyal Plastic Robots - To The End

Feel free to skip down to the photos.  Remember, you can click on the photo to enlarge, and click again to index through.  And note, I use non-flash photography during venues like this so as to not interrupt the artists and the audience.

It is nice to be old, to have grown up in the 60's and 70's, and to be young at heart to enjoy those times of old.  I never had known what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I do not think it was until these last couple months that I realized what I want to do, and that is photography.  So does this mean I am no longer 19 for the last 36 years now, that I have to grow up now?  I hope not.  I have enjoyed life so far, so let's keep on truck'n . . .

Tonight The Robots hit the calm that I needed today. One that greatly relaxed me. They started early in their show with some Beatles music. The Beatles were the fad of their time. Everyone wanting Beatles hair cuts, Beatles shoes, and what ever would set you apart from society. To be recognized. Well, The Robots, along with their Beatles songs tonight, did me the honor of recognizing me in front of their friends, fans, as a photographer. I humbly had to put my hands together and bow to them, for I have never thought of myself in that way. Have I finally found what I want to do when I grow up?

Friends and family have come up to me smiling, liking what I do, and wondering, will I make a break for it?  I have made photography my own, something to run with, to improve upon, to see, have voice, and for others to see that voice.  There is so much more.  It is a felt passion.  Is this what I want to do when I grow up?


I was a bit taken back tonight. I do the photography for me, for others to enjoy, to see what I see. To have people come up to me tonight, asking for a photograph, for the address to this blog site, took me back a little. I was not prepared for such recognition. To be humbled already, how do you be more humble? So, I did my best with what I do, which is to shoot photographs without a flash. Well, sorry to say, I should have used a flash when shooting the groups of people. Obviously I have some learning to do . . . good, because I would hate to think this was the end already!

All I can say is, The Robots are a great bunch of guys, having a great time, doing the same as I do with their internal "voice", which they have chosen musical instruments and for me my camera. Okay, enough writing, and more photos. If you have not read my other blog posts on The Robots, I do recommend you start with the first post and work your way up. Here are the earlier links.

Loyal Plastic Robots

Danny and his bass guitar set the tone this evening for me.  I am not sure why.  Just that it did.  A very nice groove.

Richard Seagel

Somebody hold this man down so I can photograph him please! Chris was all over the keyboards tonight, playing them from both sides, with his elbow, with his butt, I think the band needs to hold him horizontal, upside down, and make him play. I bet he could do it with ease . . .

 Hummingbird Chris
(ya gotta love him)

I do not remember what happened in these next few photos.  You cannot say they were not having fun . . .

Chris playing pool cue guitar . . .

Me on the left, Richard center . . .

And, take no prisoners Pete . . . just a simple walk in the park . . .

I had to keep it dark . . . because he's playing with his butt . . . (okay, actually the light in the photo triggered the camera to darken  the photo - still pretty cool)

Bob is enjoying himself (above and following couple photos) while I think Pete is having an orgasm playing that guitar . . . lol . . . damn Pete is good . . .

Bob (below) was thanking his wife (above) for taking care of him . . . I would only mess it up if I were to try and write what he said.  Lets just leave it as funny.

There he goes, playing on the wrong side of the keyboard again.  I think Chris has been watching too much Doctor Who . . . :)  (Yes, Chris is playing from the opposite side of the keyboard, and it was great!)

Chris uses all body parts . . . knee time . . .

Only Flash Photo of the Night

Someone get Chris a road map, or tell him he is playing on the wrong side again . . .

The last song I took a video of with the camera.  It is high resolution, so I do not know if you will be able to download it.  I will attempt to load it to a site for download, later next week.

The Loyal Plastic Robots can be seen at The Track Lounge the first Friday of every month.

The Track Lounge
318 N. Jackson St.
Crown Point, IN  46307

For more information on "The Robots" . . .

Loyal Plastic Robots
or "The Robots"
Pete Calacci (219) 616-1470
Bob Shearman (219) 805-7140