Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Music Improve Night (M.I.N.T.) at Studio BE 10/30/2013

I am observing what an improv is. An improv is a person who wants to feel alive. An improv is a person who wants to touch people. Not in a physical sense touch people. To touch by connection in thought, word, action, to share a dream with you that they are inspiring to create. This leads to many things . . . many things.

Tonight's improv was unique. I saw the improvs high on improv. I saw them alive. I saw them feel. I saw them wanting so much to touch us. They did all that. Did they do more? Yes. Come next time and define that for yourself.

Tonight was a "costume contest" and music improv . . . M.I.N.T. ensembles performing in front of judges. A fight to the finish. As it turned out and should be, great respect for one another in the end. The Mint Mojitos, Mint Patties, and the Astonish-Mints gave us some cool improv the first half of the evening. Our hosts, greeting us and to introduce each ensemble were The Franklin Mints.

It amazes me that each ensemble still remains so unique. True to themselves as an ensemble I guess you could say. Every time we switch from one ensemble to the next, it is refreshing. Week to week they keep it refreshing.

Here are some photos of the evening. I am just going to lay it out without editing. A special surprise for you at the end of this blog entry, so don't cheat. Go through the photos. Look at each. Take them in. Then you will get more enjoyment of what is at the end . . .

I fell in love with Lizard Lady tonight. Yes, it is bad of me to call her that. I do not know her name. So Lizard Lady it is.

This was funny. Lizard Lady (okay, not polite to say, but I Don't Know Her Name) said "oh no" like she was preparing for a crash landing. In the end, all fun !!!

Nobody dies in improv when you have an announcer . . . here the tax man gets shanked.

Announcers also can upload new skills into an improv, like providing medical treatment so the other improv doesn't die!!!!

Shanked again. It does not pay to be a tax man . . .


There is more, in video form, below . . .

What I also noticed tonight, there was a lot of dying. What's with that? Must be Halloween.

I chopped of heads in the following vids. I did not pay attention to the cropping in the LCD during the shoot. My bad.  Also, the audio is not the greatest.  I need a directional mic for next time.

You know what? I consider each one of these improvs my family. I have not talked to a one of them, however, they are that much fun to be around, to watch, listen to. Their skill draws you in . . . like family.

Studio BE
3110 N. Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 248-5900


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