Thursday, August 31, 2017

Rock 'N' Rail Fest 8/31/17

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The Town of Griffith Rock 'N' Rail Street Festival is on! This community festival is free, starts Thursday, and ends Sunday. This year the cool weather felt great!

As the blogs are posted for the other days, they will be linked in this and each of the other blogs. This particular blog is of opening day, Thursday.

You can better view the photographs in this blog by clicking on them to enlarge, then you can arrow through if you wish or hit the escape key to go back to the blog. If you are in the photograph, feel free to download it for your personal use. Also, for each of the bands I have linked the band name to their Facebook page. Go check them out!

Just a quick walk down the street before the music and street festival opened. Oh, believe me, it was a nice thing to see. Later this evening, many more would fill the streets and have fun.

Over time as photographer, and being married to my bride Christi, you become friends with a lot of band members. The "Wise Guys" had the honor of kicking the Thursday festivities, and who are our friends.

Up next, "The Neverly Brothers" who took us through some history of Rock n' Roll of the greats. I had never seen this band before, who hales out of Chicago. They put on a very good show.

One cannot disregard who everyone came to see. To close the show "American English". I have had the pleasure of their show for about 5 times now. Whether it was the great evening weather, the crowd, or just being home in Griffith, American English was on top of the world this night.

I have to say, the lighting, sound, graphics are all great. When it comes to digital photography, some of that can disway the camera sensors. Especially with strong red hues. When that happens, I change the photograph to Black & White during editing.

There is a beer tent, even though there are distribution points up and down the street. In that beer tent is a bar stage, where acts will play between during the main stage setups. Oh, do not be worried, American English is not done. They are changing evolution of costume. In the mean time, here are the "Rak Brothers" playing on the Bar Stage.

They are back . . . American English . . .

Another costume change, however if you have seen them before, you know that George moves off stage first to change, followed later by John, Paul, and Ringo. During that brief absence the 5th Beatle, keyboardist Ken Zemanek keeps us entertained. George then returns for some solo music while the others complete their change in costume.

Do you want one more?!


You can check out the Rock 'N' Rail event page on Facebook by clicking here. See you next year!

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