Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pork 'N Beans at the Elbo Room

I first saw Pork 'N Beans at Lincoln Hall a few months ago.  They were great then and great here at the Elbo Room.  What impresses me the most is Shanna.  Her groove and vibe on the bass is spectacular.

I arrived early enough to catch another band, "please, Please Me".  They were unique as well, one that I enjoyed.  So I will show some photos of them first, and end with Pork 'N Beans.

Do realize, though I am titling this blog post Pork 'N Beans (the band I went to see), I truly liked "please, Please Me" and would not hesitate to go see them again.

the Please, Please Me


Jessie - Vocals / Guitar / Harmonica / Drum

Alissa - Cello / Vocal / Sound Effects

Agustin - Drums / Vocal / Sound

Each of them are unique and carry their part in the band very well.  I have to say, I did find Alissa charming in character in these sets.  Not too much, not too little, just right.  Jessie kicked it with guitar, harmonica, drum and vocal.  She stood out as an artist.  Agustin kept a smile on his face all the way through.  With all that, all I could do was sit back and enjoy.  So, you do the same . . .

The Please Please Me band, hailing from Texas, was pretty cool.  I wished more people in Chicago new about them.  Perhaps they will now with your help?!!  Information on them is at the end of this blog post.

Pork 'N Beans


Shane Wallace - Lead Guitar / Vocal

Shanna Berry - Bass Guitar / Vocal

James DeFrain - Drums

This is the band I met at Lincoln Hall.  They impressed me a lot.  The Elbo Room is a smaller venue, however the energy was still there.  Not to take away from Shane's excellent guitar work or James' drum work . . . Shanna get'n down on acoustical base is just simply amazing.  Her whole energy is around the music, and like all bass players I know, groove with the music and give you a vibe, that without it, would leave the music a bit bland.

Get what I mean about Shanna?????

I mentioned in several blogs that when I win the lottery, I am going to put on my own concert with bands I enjoy.  In the line up will be Pork 'N Beans.  And, perhaps to please me a little Please, Please Me thrown in.  

Here are some links to more information . . . enjoy !!!!

Pork 'N Beans

the Please, Please Me

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