Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Office Session - 9/22/2013

I had to go into The Office Session. That reminded me of my past automotive experience, where you could be called at anytime of the day or night to come into the office. Others went to The Office Session this evening too. They carried their work in, as did I. Each of us coming from another place, to peddle our wares as it were. We knew we had to work. That is what you do when you go to The Office Session. We chose to go in because of commitment. We did so knowing when we came out we would be enriched by each other’s work, finding common ground to take away to our next job.

Now, this is not your normal office. Well, it is, however, as people go to The Office Session they are bringing instruments, cameras, food, a smile on their face. The Office Session is about turning a daytime office into a night time place to hang out and jam. The Office Session is hosted by Jody Robbins.  Tonight's music was offered up by my friend Lou Shields playing his delta blues. Also offering was “Mississippi” Gabe Carter playing Mississippi blues. The headliner, if you still want to call it that, was Husky Burnette from Chattanooga, TN, playing his delta blues / rock / electric blues.

This event is not open to the public to just walk in. It is somewhat an underground event, that if you are invited, you go, or come with someone who has been invited. This is a BYOB event, and I would say pot luck as well. I had some Sloppy Joe sandwiches just like I make at home (very good stuff Maynard). Next time I am bringing something. And, it is up to the people who attend to clean up. After all, normal business begins at 8:00 AM. (Maybe a little later.)

Here are some photos, starting with some pre-session music by those just hang'n out.

Lou Shield opened for us. I have known Lou for about 21 months now. A real cool guy. A real gentlemen. One who you see, feel, and talk about when you hear his style of blues.

I liked these next two ladies. They were fun to photograph . . .

Pearls . . . I thought I would never get the chance to photograph her. I was wrong . . .

For those who may be reading my blog for the firs time, I do this for free. I am an engineer, wanting to quit my day job and just do photography. I enjoy others who photograph with me, whether of the event, or of themselves . . . :)

The chair of Lou. There is no other chair like it.  This chair is Lou's friend.

I hope the ladies in these next photos do not get upset with me. I thought it cute and funny, watching them look up . . . at the tin ceiling.

"Mississippi" Gabe Carter was up next. I had not met Gabe before. I was thrilled with his style of blues. He had problems with the electric sound that he did not care for. However, his true feel for the music over powered any technical difficulty there was. He sounded great!!!!

To close the JAM, but not perhaps the night, was Husky Burnette. This group surprised me. A blues rock get down foot stomp'n guitar slide of a group, with vocal . . .

I have seen this before, people looking back and forth at each other without realizing the sequence. Funny how it keeps happening. Here you have Carley and Mark sitting next to each other. Mark sneaks a peak at the beautiful Carley, thinking he is getting away with it. Out of the corner of her eye she knows. Mark turns his head to look around and sees me photographing, and I knew from the look on his face he was wondering why. Then Carley looks at Mark, without him even knowing . . . until now!!!! lol Thanks Carley and Mark for being so special. I could have told those two right then what a wonderful life they would have together.

As I opened this blog, we came into The Office Session with individual needs, wants, and desires. (Not in those exact written terms.) When we left we were in harmony with each other, from music, drink, and dance. It was a very peaceful and fulfilling event that allowed us, or at least me, to take that combined vibe to the office where I earn my paycheck. Again, we repeat by going into our real world office with the experience of The Office Session, with individual needs, wants, and desires, yet leave with another combined experience. Though, The Office Session is much more thrilling!!!!

Thank you Jody for having this event. Thanks to all who brought something and shared it with us, to those who let me photograph them, and to those who just came to have fun.  I hope to see you again.

Here are some links for you to enjoy . . .

Husky Burnette

"Mississippi" Gabe Carter

Lou Shields

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