Saturday, October 30, 2010

Loyal Plastic Robots

Bob Sherman, Lead Vocal, Guitar, Bass Guitar
Pete Calacci, Lead Guitar, Vocal
Chris Wander, Keyboards, Vocal 
Ed Fell, Drummer, Vocal
Danny Mac, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Vocal

You can check out their past performances that I photographed at StreetPhoto.ME. Near the end of the page is a strip of thumbnails for those events.

Video Clips

Here are a few short vids of The Robots performance.  Additional vids can be found on in the blogs above.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bushby Family . . .

I am going to dedicate this blog entry to my relatives.  I don't get to see them much.  Facebook has kept us in touch, and I get to see some of the cool stuff they do.  Here are some photos from cousin's daughter Emily Bushby. One cool girl. The cookies she made for EAA 2023!!!

Photo of Emily and my dad taken at the seaplane base, circa 2014.

This photo Emily took of herself. Seems like a long time ago, circa 2013.

My cousins David and Harvey, taken by me about 1968 I think, at EAA convention when it was in Rockford, IL.

Next photo is from my cousin Gwen, taken 3/2012 . . .

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