Friday, August 30, 2013

David Prusina, have you met him yet?

As I think how I can introduce you to David Prusina, I have happy flash backs to Sunday, March 11th, 2012. This was my first evening venturing out in the world to photograph. If you know about my health situation you will understand how uncomfortable this was for me, physically. However, that evening was the most wonderful evening out I have had up to then. It has been getting better ever since.

I first met David at The Horseshoe in Chicago. I ventured out to photograph Lou Shields, who I had met a few months earlier. Lou opened the set for David and Jonathan Monti. As I photographed, I walked around to the back of the establishment to admire the light coming from all the empty bottles of alcohol. Here are a couple shots (pun intended).

While in the back I saw this musician with a cap. He reminded me of an Irish bloke. He smiled, introduced himself, and welcomed me to the night of music. I actually thought he owned the place, as inviting as he was. It was like all of a sudden we were friends.

I sat through the evening photographing, and became interested in David's talent as he played that evening. His style, song, voice, were / are so uniquely his. He wore it around him, which made for some fun photography. I never expected to meet him after that.

Later that year I followed buddy Lou to The Abbey, where I met David again. Then saw David had a gig at Reggies, doing a solo act at the end of the night as the headliner. Then Hard Rock Cafe. Then the Gallery Cabaret. Then, well now, at Hard Rock Cafe again, with the boys from Cryin' Side of Town. Get this, the Cryin' Side of Town includes Johathan Monti who I mentioned above at the Horseshoe, and also Austin Thomas who was playing with Monti at that time. I think all I needed to complete this circle was Lou Shields to open for them.

I cannot forget, I also have to give credit to the Cryin' Side of Town, who are helping to make this all happen for us . . .

David Prusina - Lead Vocal / Guitar

Austin Thomas - Lead Guitar

Henry Heine - Standup Bass

Jonathan Monti - Backup Vocal

David Prusina is cool, smooth, honest, positive. After meeting his parents at Hard Rock Cafe I know now where he gets it from. David then takes it from there and adds his flare, his style, his passion for music and entertainment. A gentleman's gentleman in music if you will.

Though I battled the hard colors of light this evening, I still enjoyed being here to photograph David and the band. The energy musicians give, that David gives, is inspiring to me as a photographer. It gives me drive to do more, to learn more, to be more. Thank you David!!!

Here are some photos of the evening. Enjoy!!!

Yes, I should have edited out the guy in the two photos above. I still have to learn that one.

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