Monday, November 1, 2010

My Short Fame

I think I just proved they will let anyone who pays into these contests. The following two photos were entered into National Geographic photo contest.  The first one was selected and published on their website. (National Geographic has taken down the site.)

Between Hebron and Kouts on Rt. 8, September 17, 2010

W 1800 S in La Crosse, September 17, 2010

I am a amateur photographer, though I understand old school photography.  I began shooting film around 1968 as a child using my parents camera.  I wish I new enough back then to keep the negatives.  I took a lot of photos of experimental aircraft at the EAA convention.  I bought my own 35mm SLR in 1971, which was a Sears / Ricoh TLS.  I loved that fully manual camera with the built in TTL meter.

The one thing I do not do today with my digital photographs is to alter them in programs like Photoshop.  To me the digital age allows you to get away with shooting anything, and correcting it later.  The above photos were not altered.  This is how they turned out, shooting against the sun, using the camera settings to get me there.  If you have been around developing, you will understand the aches and pains at times of enlarging, dodging, filtering.  You really need to understand the makeup of photography to get what you want.  Film gets you there.  Digital does not necessarily do that.

Currently I own a Mamiya 645S, Cannon EOS 650, and my first ever camera bought with my own money, the Sears / Ricoh TLS.  The digital camera I use is a Cannon EOS Rebel XS.  The photos above were taken with the XS.

Through a divorce we gave up another Mamiya 645S (brand new), an Omega 45D, a Nikon F2 that was bought in trade for a worn out Cannon AE1.  We also gave up my families old bellows 120 camera.  The photographer in the family was the wife. Unfortunately as things turned out, she is no longer doing her photography and I have been just plugging along.

As I find new things around NW Indiana, and revisit the old, I will be shooting with the XS for ease of uploading to this blog.  I sort of feel I am getting lazy, not using my film cameras.  But the point in life is to have fun, and right now the XS is fun.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Loyal Plastic Robots

Bob Sherman, Lead Vocal, Guitar, Bass Guitar
Pete Calacci, Lead Guitar, Vocal
Chris Wander, Keyboards, Vocal 
Ed Fell, Drummer, Vocal
Danny Mac, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Vocal

You can check out their past performances that I photographed at StreetPhoto.ME. Near the end of the page is a strip of thumbnails for those events.

Video Clips

Here are a few short vids of The Robots performance.  Additional vids can be found on in the blogs above.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bushby Family . . .

I am going to dedicate this blog entry to my relatives.  I don't get to see them much.  Facebook has kept us in touch, and I get to see some of the cool stuff they do.  Here is one from Emily Bushby last week.  I thought it was a cool photo . . .

I'll add more to this blog entry as I come up with stuff.

Okay, maybe one more . . . my cousins David and Harvey, taken by me about 1968 I think, at EAA convention when it was in Rockford, IL.

Next photo is from my cousin Gwen, taken 3/2012 . . .

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Saturday, September 4, 2010


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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hot Air Balloons

More hot air balloons, the lighter than air aircraft that everyone enjoys! Another late blog, photographed in 2010, and put up today September 27th, 2016. This was a trip to Detroit to see one of my customers who was having a problem. On the way there, somewhere around Kalamazoo (might have even been Kalamazoo) I saw some these balloons north of I-94. I was not sure what they were doing, but wanted to investigate. Glad I did. They were doing some king of run, and one leg had them steer to a target to drop their flag on. It was cool to see them dodge each other, get position over one another, drop, swing their flag with a weight on the end, and let it fly to the target. After, they had to do a full burn to get out of there because other balloons were right behind them, let alone trees if front. This first photo was the drive to Detroit, near Cline Avenue. I took that photo to start my journey, and boy did it end up a fun one.


I was zigzagging all through town trying to find where these puffs of art were diving at. I finally got through the maze of streets.

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