Saturday, June 15, 2019

Griffith's First Rockopelli Fest

I was happy that Rockopelli chose Griffith to host this years Charity show. Though the rain indeed dampened things, the music was great, and so were the attitudes of all who participated.

This charity show went to benefit Planting Possibilities of Highland, and Murph's Gift of Music in Chicago. You can read more on these charities by going to the Rockopelli website (click here). 

This years lineup of music . . .

The Crawpuppies



Fay Ray


Today's Trade

Sam Shields

Chris Peters

The Pelli Jam Band

My bride Christi was vending there, showing her photography. Several other vendors were there too. Lots of food and drink to go around. The day being wet wet and wet, vendors found themselves relocating to some higher ground. Still, in all it was a great time. Thank you to all the musicians for you were the best part of all this. I will write it again, Thank You Musicians!!! You were great!!!

Now some photographs for your review.

I have to say, I fell in love with Fay Ray. A very cool group of musicians that expressed themselves to us.

Picture of the water in front of Christi's tent.


Soulful, jazzy, harmonized, hard hitting. OBY is very impressive. Something you can dance to, something to hip hop to. A young artist with lots to say, Isaiah will be around for a long time creating music for us.

These ladies killed it. Very original. Very classy. Very aggressive. Very earthly. I enjoyed them immensely. They played with personality and strength, and of quality. I will by buying their music.

Everyone loves The Crawpuppies because of who the are. Very down to earth group of guys out to play music that entertains us.

Rockopelli Music Fest
"A Music Festival for Local Charities"

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