Tuesday, July 30, 2013

the Please Please Me band - at Reggies

I do my photography for free.  I can barely afford to, but I do.  Why?  It pleases me, and I hope it pleases you.

The Please Please Me band is cut from a similar drive.  One that causes them to want to perform, not only to please themselves, but us as well, and they do it well!  The following photos are from Tuesday nights gig at Reggies.  Please do not let the photos fool you, because I was fooling around learning photography.  The band is bigger than my photos.  The band is heavier than my photos.  The band is bright, energetic, indie-pop, telling their stories through music, fun, and dance.

the Please, Please Me

Jessie Torrisi - Lead Vocal / Guitar

Alissa McClure - Cello/ Vocal

Agustin Frederic - Drums

The Please Please Me band is inviting us. They want us to get to know them. They want you to party on the dance floor with them. This is all the literal word. They also mean, if you cannot go see them, follow them on Facebook, YouTube, through my blog if you will. If you can, write and say hi to them. 

We should acknowledge all artists. If we cannot physically be there to support them, should our preference be on the side lines, we need to try and acknowledge to artists that we do care, that we do enjoy. I am asking everyone to "reach out" to all of the artists. They make our world a better place. They bind us in peace, sort of a Please, Please Me, if you will.

the Please, Please me
Austin, TX

Thank you Agustin, Alissa, Jessie . . .

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Annual Pierogi Fest 2013 - Friday

I am still learning photography. I like that. I am learning more about quality too, in a non-manufacturing way. This Whiting Indiana annual event, Pierogi Fest, is something to see, smell, taste, enjoy. Quality is everywhere here, including the music.

Today I chose to take a half day vacation from work in order to find a parking spot and to listen to Josh McCormack who was on stage from 5:00 to 6:30. I then wanted to listen to Nomad Planets who promptly started at 7:00 without hiccups. (Okay, I fib once and a while.)

This was my first Pierogi Fest . . . 8 straight hours worth, that I was able to walk around and enjoy! Last year I was asked to exhibit my photography, so I had to stay in a booth, which was a bit boring.  As I walked around this year I met a lot of my friends who were there.  One being Joey Humphrey, who told me his dad was exhibiting his photography down the street.

I really appreciated Joey Humphrey's Father's photography exhibit. I apologize for not taking any photos of it . . . I was mesmerized.  His eye for the simple yet focused blew me away. His photography is what I grew up with, lost, and which I am trying to get back. Through his eye I see where I have gone astray, and will need to make course corrections on this Continual Journey. It is an easy thing to say, and a harder thing to do.  I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do, and in doing so, I am not focusing on what I believe to be quality.  At least not enough of it.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.  Lots of photos!  If you see a picture of yourself, feel free to download it from this blog, or to contact me for the full size image.  If you want a picture of you removed, I will do that too.  Just let me know.

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Josh McCormack and Bob Baldwin

I met Josh for the first time at Beatles Fest 2013, downtown Hammond. His beautiful wife Lauren came to me during Beatles Fest to ask for my card so that she could get a copy of the photos I took. Josh, Lauren, and I have been friends since.

Josh McCormack

The Bed Bugs

The Parade

What's a parade without bagpipes? Not a parade . . .

There were proud fathers everywhere, creating moments to remember for them and their daughters . . .

The Illiana Derby Dames

Nomad Planets

I had to start with a photo of Chris Ussery on keyboards. He tends to either be stuck in a corner, or in the dark, whenever the Nomad Planets play. This time, he was accessible for photography!!!!

Terry Boylan on Drums

Terry is cool, like Doctor Who bow ties and fezzes. He has this cool, calm, collect, debonair about him. He's one classy guy.

Phil Rapchak on Bass and Vocal

Phil is another cool cat. A deep voice goes with that bass playing. A real gentlemen.

John Carpenter on Guitar and Vocal

John brings about the serious look in the band, but do not let that fool you. He is laid back, in the groove, taking the lead when given.

Yes! I know these people! They are great friends that know how to enjoy life, and help others enjoy life too. The evening would not have been the same without them, and yet my photos do not bring out the fun all of us had.

Josh and Lauren McCormack make a great couple. I only wish I had better focused this shot for them.

Mark Mybeck on Lead Vocal and Guitar

Mark has been great, inviting me to gigs, and even allowing me to photograph Flying Around the Sun on WJOB in Hammond. Mark brings the honesty to the show, felt deep, and well pronounced. You get more than what you see, for he lays in on the line each time he plays.

"No I get by with a little help form my friends,
Mm I get high with alittle help form my friends,
Mm going to try with a little help from my friends."
The Beatles

I need someone to play this for me at the Hammond Beatles Fest 2013 for me!!!! (August 10th)

The Nomad Planets can create music for any occasion, as proven with Pierogi Fest. I have seen / photographed these guys several times, and it is always entertaining. They enjoy what they do. They do it for you.

Yes, I take a lot of pictures.  Yes, I put a lot of pictures in my blog, and specifically on this blog post of Pierogi Fest 2013.  Yes, some of them look repetitive.  No, I will not stop.  These photos are telling a story.  Just not showing that an event took place.  Sometimes the story is complicated, and sometimes simple.  Could I tell you the story in one photo?  Perhaps.  I am not that good yet.  Though I would have to ask why would I try, at least right now?  There are many emotions that take place in our lives, and in an event like Pierogi Fest.  You will not be able to capture all those emotions in one photo.  If you did, it would be too complicated to understand.  Can it be done?  Yes.  But to what return.

Continual Journey, that is part of my understanding of quality. People, things, they are dynamic in this world of ours. We need to stop and see, listen, smell, taste, the enjoyment. For when we do this, we are at peace with ourselves and one another. Pierogi Fest does all that. It brings all the people together, who all at one time define their quality. To my amazement, I saw that for once we were all the same. This is why this event is so popular. Not just because it is an event in Whiting Indiana. It is because the people who put on the event have an understanding, a theme, to spread joy among everyone. It works!!!!! It is quality.