Friday, April 25, 2014

Moonrunners Music Festival II

There are a lot of choices for things to do. This particular weekend became booked with a lot of fun, yet, I knew I could not do it all. My mission . . . to do what I could.

I had taken a vacation day Friday to spend time at this years Moonrunners Music Festival. Their second, held at Reggies Music Joint in Chicago. I bought my tickets early for both days (Friday and Saturday). Then about a 3 weeks before, I saw that C2E2 was taking place at McCormic place in Chicago. Just East of Reggies. So, I bought tickets for the entire weekend at C2E2 as well. In the end, I did make both, which took away from both. Still, I would do it again. It would be nice to not have the schedule conflict again.

I love the people at the Moonrunners Festival. They are "good" people. Those who use that phrase understand the context I mean it in. Nothing but good times with honest friends. How did I ever meet these people? Lou Shields!

"Everyone Loves Lou". Lou Shields should have is own television show. I think Lou exemplifies what roots music is, and that of the Moonrunners Music Festival. Remember, each of us are unique. We each bring something to the table. Lou just seems to bring a lot to the table for us to enjoy, beyond his music.

The only other event I know that is in this category of fun is Farmfest 450. That will be coming up later this year. Obviously, I have not experience everything there is in life that I can do. Some I know about and have to forgo. Others, well, I just do not know about yet. That is probably the one cool thing about Facebook. I can see where my friends may be going, then decide if that is something I might want to try. Not in a stalking my friends way. A way just to get out and see / understand the world, and photograph it.

Though most of these people do not know me, they see my camera and my hat I wear and remember me. Funny, when I do not wear the hat, I am like a photo ninja, climbing the walls unnoticed. Put my hat on, people turn and smile for the camera.

Here are the photos from Friday. I started by walking from McCormick place to Reggies, then walked back. Took a few photos along the way. I did not go back to Reggies Saturday. I started to. I spent the morning at C2E2 with a friend, drove over to Reggies, and realized how tired I was. So I chose to forgo the opportunity for more festival.

Brother Lou Shields

I like playing around with photography, like in this next photo. The fun part comes in when you know what exactly to do to get the image, and then to repeat it.

Even this silhouette give these two guys away . . .

Sometimes it just hits you. I had fun photographing these two. Hope they did not mind . . .

Caught on photo, what people do between sets . . .

I left early. Was getting tired, and I knew I had another day to go. Photos of the walk back to McCormick Place.

As I wrote, I did not make it back to Reggies for Saturday. I tried. Just did not happen. There is always next year for Moonrunners Music Festival III!!!

2105 South State Street
Chicago, IL  60616

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