Friday, November 10, 2023

Kyla Webb at Region Ale

I am super glad I went to watch Kyla Webb play at Region Ale tonight. This is my first time seeing Kyla. Wow, what thinker and a doer. I love Kyla's take on cover songs. I love Kyla's own songs.

Kyla fronts for Skirt, a ska fun rock band from Michigan City. Tonight Kyla was with band mate Rob in a duo gig.

Kyla looks like a person with something to say. Kyla's arrangements do the talking. The words just make it more directionable. Kyla’s voice takes you on a ride. Look over here, now there, don’t go to slow now . . .

Kyla is very deserving of being part of the Bushby Back Yard gigs. I just love her voice with soft vibrato. I know you will ask, “Who does she sound like?” Well, she sound like Kyla Webb. So go find out for yourself. Obviously Kyla has a spot in music genera . . . Kyla's own spot. I only watched Kyla for about 90 minutes. My first impression was that others have copied Kyla. (Yes you read that correctly.) Artists like Cindi Lauper, Debra Harry, Gwen Stefani. Slow, sultry, heart beating, jazzy, take it to the hills. Yes, I think Kyla is all that, and still very original doing Kyla's own thing.

Now, do not let that define Kyla. This is my first take. I need more. I will find more. I will drink it as a fine sustenance to keep me alive with a different purpose in life. Yes, this simple 90 minutes does not even touch, just teases.

Okay, back to what I like. Kyla I like. Seek her out and watch her perform. Do as we all do with artists in NW Indiana and show Kyla the praise of being from the region.

Region Ale


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