Sunday, October 13, 2019

Oddities, Novelties & Monstrasities Market - 1st Annual

Uncle John's Flea Market, that is where we were at today, to see the Underground Prophets at the 1st Annual Oddities, Novelties & Monstrasities Market in Cedar Lake, Indiana.


The vendor in the next couple photographs could not get enough of Underground Prophets. She had here hands in the air dancing to the Prophets, as it were.


Great food, great people. They had some scary clowns doing a real good job enticing you to their candy, then locking you up, sort of. Well okay, free face painting for the kids. 

And of course the flea market was going on. No pets allowed. Bummer.

Back to inside the Market. It did cost $5 to get in. I thought it worth it just for the band, yet there were a lot of cool artists vending their talent here. My bride Christi has some better photographs of that which I will link to when her blog is up.

Yes, the most delicious chicken taco we have ever eaten!!!


Oddities, Novelties & Monstrosities Market

If you are looking for a fun band for an event, look no further:

Underground Prophets

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