Wednesday, January 18, 2023

"Artist Originals" Session 4

Anything we learn to expertly do does not happen overnight. You do not pick up an art brush, camera, guitar, wrench and tell someone, "See, I can do that!" You will fall flat on your face with embarrassment.

For photography, you really have not begun to understand and perform until about 100,000 photographs. Then you can call yourself a novice. I do not know how many hours it takes before you can play a guitar to be called a novice. Same goes with any trade.

Musicians may have started out with an introduction to music, or a thought about music. Perhaps they picked up a guitar or were introduced to a guitar by someone and became mesmerized. That positive emotional experience created a drive to learn more. 

Perhaps going to someone who knew how to play guitar, or by a teacher who was knowledgeable about the guitar is what started the journey too. Perhaps even learning on your own. You impressed your friends, family, became interesting to others, and that fueled the passion. Passionate musicians with like experience start hanging together talking about a band. And away you go . . .

Jeff Massey is an expert in his field. He's the guru you go to when you want lessons to further your guitar play, or even to just begin to learn about music. Jeff Massey is who you go to see when you want to listen to cool original acoustical music. There are other gurus out there too. How many I do not know. Perhaps 10% of all you play guitar? Just a thought.

How Jeff's journey began I do not know either. I do know he is very very good playing acoustical guitar, solo. The roots of his learning created the building blocks to his success. You can kick some some of those building blocks out from under him if you want, however Jeff has so many now that you will not see him falter. He has a vast repertoire of musical knowledge and play. He can shift to wherever he wants the journey to take you. He can adlib along the way and pull it back or create change to follow where he feels it should go. He feels. He feels the music. He feels the audience. He can experiment to create new feelings. He is fluent at all of it.

So, this evening was a real treat for me. I have seen Jeff's solo performances before. This evening he let it all hang and flow, taking us on his musical journey for this night. It showcased who he is, where he came from, where he is going.

Let us not forget Phil of Austin Community Tavern. Phil has put together these "Artist Original" sessions to allow local talent of original music to showcase with solo performances.

Here are some photographs for you to enjoy. Not very much in the way of different shots. My foot is still limiting my travel.

Jeff Massey
The Steepwater Band

If you are looking for original solo music:

Austin Community Tavern
81 East 34th St.
(on Steger Road, 1 mile West of I-394)
Steger, IL

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