Friday, May 26, 2023

Nomad Planets - hitting on all cylinders

Nomad Planets' music is off the chart. It is super satisfying to see them grow in directions that take them to new places. A huge variety of original music. Their vibe is intoxicating. I cannot get enough.

Storytelling. I have said it before. If you can tell a good story people will listen and connect, and have a thought perhaps of their own life, or to understand where the music is coming from in other's lives.

Then there is just the music. Different songs brings different styles. Different vibes. Baiting you for the next change. Oh, doing a cover from The Beatles?! Hell no, it is Their cover of The Beatles.

A short night for me because I danced with my bride and swelled up my foot which I am trying to get back to normal. Worth it all the way. Nomad Planets  are worth it. 

Northwoods Falls is still growing too. Plans are being made for the waterfront just behind the outdoor deck and band stage. They are great hosts with a great staff. Friends, food, drink, and live music.

Enjoy the photographs! First photo up, the pre-game show . . . 😃

Nomad Planets

Get together with friends for a meal and drinks, and . . . a band every Friday and Saturday, at Northwoods Falls!

Northwoods Falls
8101 Wicker Avenue
Saint John, Indiana

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