Saturday, April 6, 2024

Unstoppables Having Fun

Fish & Chips!

Folksy, blue grassy, acoustic guitar/fiddle with some keyboard/saxophone, and the beat/rhythm of drums. Smooth buttery combo of instruments providing that home town feel of togetherness and fun. That is how I describe The Unstoppables.

These guys loaded in ready to fire on all cylinders. I do not know if it was just me or them. This was the best I have seen from them. (I would say more them given the crowd cheer.)

The crowd was great. Couples gathered around the dance floor holding each other and watching the band. People were dancing, and watching the band. The theme, watch the band. The band is charismatic, making musical friends with each and every person there. The point of it all, to have simple fun with sound and charm.

The Unstoppables have a very nice groove that mellow your temper, and can bring meaning with some enforcement. A great band for The Region.

Here are some photographs for you to enjoy.

The Unstoppables

Northwoods Falls
8101 Wicker Avenue
Saint John, Indiana

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