Saturday, July 20, 2024

Griffith Park Full Of Art 2024

Every year I look forward to this event. That is not to say I have attended every one of them. Just that when I do, I feel the vibe of creativity. The openness to express one's self. Sort of makes me wish I was an artist too, like my mom was.

Compared to other years, this years event appeared to be toward the small size. A bit greatful in a way because it made it less of a rush to see everything with fewer vendors. As always though, there were quality vendors.

One such artist friend of mine was Art by Sophia. We have been friends for a while, and I own a few pieces of her art. This time I fell in love with a larger original piece, and bought it. Found another piece from another artist that my bride bought. In all, a very enjoyable day.

Just a bunch of photographs. Some of them are just of different angles, so they may look like repeat photographs.

Bubble making lawnmower. I was fascinated with the bubbles. The child was more interested that he was pushing something important.

Griffith Park Full Of Art
Griffith Central Park
600 N. Broad Street
Griffith, Indiana 43619


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