Friday, February 23, 2024

The Story Of My Life - Towle Theater

The Story Of My Life
A Musical
Music & Lyrics by Neil Bartram
Book by Brian Hill

You know, you really have to enjoy acting just for the simple fact that it is difficult. It is not for everyone. I am always in awe of actors, improvs, music improvs, and musicians when I see them perform. It puts a reality in it for me. I can see the work they put into their craft, which brings emotion that I want to capture as memories of my life. This is why I photograph and briefly write.

We create our own stories through life. They remain in our heads waiting to be used once again to tell someone else, or just to reflect upon with a smile. Over time they seem to become shorter though, not the full version they once were, but still a story. Now, try writing a story straight out. As you focus, the story becomes so short that it cannot be called a story. So what is it?

Coincidentally after I thought of this during my photoshoot of this tech rehearsal, the next day my friend Director John D. Hancock wrote on social media that, "What I've learned about how to use real events from one’s life in what one is writing: let them drift in sideways. True for me at least. Don't try directly to write about the failure of your first marriage or whatever. Write a story about other people and use chunks of your life to make it richer. Robert Lowell asks, ‘Why not say what really happened?’ Well, maybe the reason not to is (in longer forms than a poem at least) because you can't control it artistically. Your allegiance is to the events of your life rather than to the needs of the audience.’” It is ironic that I use a quote at all in this blog, given this musical. John is a very wise man and his thoughts worth sharing.

Now this musical is very cool. There are lots of stories, a collaboration of sort. A jog of the memory if you will, of fun times, perhaps in denial of, or chose to block. The stories are fun. The Story is told.

Take an adventure through memory lane by seeing the production at the Towle Theater. There is limited time because once again I am late with my blog posting. Details can be found at the end of the blog. In the meantime, enjoy the photographs!


Thomas Weaver – played by Daniel Rausch

Alvin Kelby – played by Max Trotter

Show Sponsor

Production Staff

Director – Jeff Casey

Assistant Director – Nikki Dizon

Music Director – Elizabeth Tuazon

Lighting Designer – Jeff Casey

Light Board Operator – Adrienne Van Petashi

Set/Costume Designer – Kevin Bellamy


Piano – Elizabeth Tuazon

Cello - Amanda Kraupner

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

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