Friday, July 24, 2015

Perogi Fest 2015

Perogi Fest 2015 was good again. The highlights for me were Nomad Planets and Oil City Stadium!

As always, I arrived about 11:30 AM on Friday with Christi. Easier to park, and avoids a lot of foot traffic so that we could see everything at our leisure. A great time to stop at every vendor, and eat food!

We were wanting to catch the Muddsharks in the beer tent this year. However, the Fest had a problem getting electricity to the stage, and other areas of the fest. Seemed like they were behind the ball on a lot of things, including refuse removal. The parade too seems to be going a bit downhill. Not that the parade is not fun, it was a lot of fun. What people did not like was the long wait between the entrees in the parade. It was like whenever someone in the parade saw a friend, they would stop, show off, resulting in long gaps. Even the children lost some interest because of these long gaps. Still, the parade is always worth seeing at least once in your life.

Here are some photos taken Friday. Enjoy!

Yes, this is light foot traffic, when the fest opens on a Friday . . . still a lot of people out.

This is a great event for the family. I get a kick out of watching kids hop a ride on dad's shoulders. Best view in the house!

A lot of perogis being sold, obviously. Some vendors are crowd favorites and have long lines. Me, I pick what looks good at the short line.

Many surrounding communities participate in the event. Photo below is It's Just Serendipity from Hammond.

Channel 2 News Chicago attends this event too, with Steve Baskerville! I must say, Steve is a really nice guy. You cannot help but smile when you are around him. (Photos of Steve are further down in the blog.)

I took the next photo while sitting in the beer tent, waiting for the Muddsharks to play. Waited a while, and a while, until their time ran up. No electricity! Thanks for being there anyway Muddsharks!

Have to say, I missed the old root beer vendor from the prior 2 years I attended this event. This one was okay. Just that I had planned for the other vendor.

My mouth suddenly drooled when I saw Yinyang Gourmeals with a booth. I love their food! It was a toss up between the Korean Tacos, or the BBQ Kabob.  The Kabob won!

Oil City Stadium was very hospitable. Their beer garden was open this weekend, and made for a very quiet, cool breeze time out from the fest. (We were bringing stuff back to leave in the car while we continued our fest, when we stopped in here to see what it looked like.)

Okay, now you can see the foot traffic around 6:30 PM Friday.

Parade Time!

Big Dog Mercer at Bulldogs!

I had taken more photos of Big Dog Mercer at Bulldogs. They were not good, so you do not get to see them. Oh well.

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