Saturday, July 29, 2017

VAMP 3rd Birthday!

This Saturday night was VAMP's 3rd birthday party! Congrats! I had the honor and privilege to photograph this event tonight. Keenan Camp and Brandon C. Price have grown this fledgling into a really good musical comedy show!

I have to say, coming back to MCL felt like I was coming home. Or, like going to visit your grown up children. Either way, it felt great! I was very happy to be there for them.

Cast This Evening

Keenan Camp
Brandon Price
Alex Garday
Michael Jordan
Andi Woody
Abby Vatterott
Courtney Fontaine
Lou Leonardo
Christ Gorton
Gary Fields
Reeny Hofrichter

Band This Evening

Robbie Ellis - Piano
Aaron Paul Homard - Drums
Paul Desman - Guitar
Geno Alesandrini - Bass

Here are some photos of the event . . . enjoy!  (Click on the photo to enlarge.)

The Vampers

No, the next photo is not edited. The speech balloon just happened to be on the wall and Lou's mouth just happened to be in the right place at the right time. It was very dark, so I did not notice it in the frame when I photographed.

When someone falls out of character (like Alex did) they call it a Michael McDonald Moment and go crazy on the stage to the song "What A Fool Believes".

Spin the bottle time . . .

The show is not over until the fat 2 is played . . . lol . . .

Team 1

Team 2

Some new faces on stage for me tonight. I have been away too long. Some very familiar faces though, like Stephanie, Keenan, and Courtney, who I met for the very first time at Who Prov at Donny’s Skybox, May of 2013. Along the way Alex, Michael, Brandon and Lou were introduced to me at M.I.N.T., when this venue was called Studio BE. I went to the opening week when it was changed to MCL Chicago to see M.I.N.T. August 6th, 2014. Along the path of this great venue I have supported and contributed too, which is how I earned my own musical notes.

Please do yourself a favor, give yourself a treat, and go see VAMP on a Friday or Saturday night. Also, go check out the other shows at MCL Chicago, like M.I.N.T. and more . . .


MCL Chicago
3110 N Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60657

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