Friday, October 14, 2022

The Morton Arboretum 10/14/2022

Well, if I cannot walk through the forest then I will drive through it! With my foot still unavailable for more than a few step use, I drove through the The Morton Arboretum today to look at the fall colors and to photograph from the car what I could. I did cheat at one point, in that I stepped out of the car once for a better photograph.

The Morton Arboretum has always been special to me. I will continue to support them, even when I do not go there often. It has been more than a couple year gap since the last time I was there. The visit always brings back memories of my mom who enjoyed the outdoors, fall colors, the warmth of mother nature. The visitation provides me with peace.

Here are some of my photographs for the day. Please enjoy them as much as you can, as I enjoyed being there.

Oh, blogging also triggers memories in time to reminisce. Here is a link to another blog I had on a visit to The Morton Arboretum, and an outdoor fire we had later. The fire also reminds me of my mom. She would see things from abstract images then paint or draw what they inspired. You can see some of that inspirational work by clicking here.

There are some "same" photographs just at different focal distances. I did very little to the photographs out of camera. And everything was framed in camera. No post cropping.

Focal distance can make a difference. In the next two, the first photograph is more subtle like a painting. The next a bit more crisp defined.

So, the above eight photographs I had to walk to to take. I could not do it from the car. This next photo is about the half way point between where I parked my car to where I photographed. Not to far unless you have a bad foot like mine.

The next two photographs are the same view, different focal points.

Some of these woodsy photos reminds me of Robin Hood. Like I expect to see arrows and horsemen.

So, here is your challenge. I challenge you to go to The Morton Arboretum as soon as possible before the colors change to much, to find the locations that I photographed and identify with your own photograph. If you can find the location, I will print either your or my photo for you! A couple are obvious for you to find. The largest I can print is 11 x 13 inches. Also, I drove both West and East side. Most of the photographs are from the West side.

If you did not know, many arboretums will allow you access with another arboretums membership card. The Morton Arboretum calls it "The Reciprocal Admissions Program". Typically all you have to do is show it at the gate. Here at The Morton Arboretum you have to pay Online for the timed entry slot that you want, then you can obtain your refund at their service desk that is located inside the main building. Also to note, if you happen to have multiple arboretum passes like I do, you can use your other pass to obtain entry for a friend that is with you. Example, I have membership both at The Morton Arboretum and Gabis Arboretum at Purdue Northwest (previously known as Talltree). Both memberships are for 2 people to enter. So, I can bring 3 other people with me (for a total of 4 people).

Here is a link to the American Horticultural Society for the reciprocal admission of more than 345 programs across North America. (Yes, that is North of the US boarder too!!!). Take note of "90 mile exclusion" that some locations may have. If they enforce it, that means it is possible they may not accept your membership card if the membership arboretum of that card is less than 90 miles away. As an example the Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford is located approximately 84 miles away. So I could not use the Morton Arboretum card to get in because The Morton Arboretum is less than 90 miles away and Anderson Japanese Gardens enforces the 90 mile exclusion. However, I can use my Gabis Arboretum card to get in because it is more than 90 miles away. In the paragraph above I mentioned I can enter with 4 people (as stated by The Morton Arboretum). The Morton Arboretum enforces the 90 mile exclusion, however because I also have membership at The Morton Arboretum they honor my other membership as well. Which makes it nice in a way that the Chicago Botanic Garden does not enforce the 90 mile exclusion. This is how I get into the Chicago Botanic Garden for free. Last comment, typically you cannot participate is certain discounts or events at other locations if you do not have membership there. 

To slow down climate change we need more places like this in every city across the world. Do not be picky, I know this would not grow at the North Pole. It is the thought and action to strive for a better world that is needed.

Another problem with an older age, besides my frail feet, is hearing. I cannot here birds, frogs, flies, mosquitos and other sounds. I forgot my hearing aids when I went to The Morton Arboretum. The visual stimulation made more than enough up for it!!!!

The Morton Arboretum
4100 IL-53
Lisle, IL  60532

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