Saturday, October 4, 2014

Our Wedding - Christi and Wes

The wedding was great, with friends and family. Thanks to all of you who were able to make it. Thanks to all of you who wanted to attend however could not. We love you all. Christi is enjoying being my bride. My job now is to treat her as my bride for the rest of our lives. 

It will be a few days before we post any new photos here. Need to get out of the "getting married" rush mode, take care of things that were put to the back burner for the both of us, then move forward . . . into our life together, into doing photography together. I love you Christi!

Though both Christi and I come from religious backgrounds, we chose a non-religious reading for our ceremony. It is us. We are sharing it again with you here . . .

My Love “ by Linda Lee Elrod 

When I met you, I had no idea 
How much my life 
was about to be changed... 
But then, how could I have known? 

A love like ours happens 
once in a lifetime. 
You were a miracle to me 
the one who was everything 
I had ever dreamed of, 
the one I thought existed 
only in my imagination. 

And when you came into my life, 
I realized that what I 
had always thought 
was happiness 
couldn’t compare to the joy 
loving you brought me. 

You are a part of everything 
I think and do and feel, 
And with you by my side, 
I believe that anything is possible. 
Today gives me a chance 
to thank you for the miracle of you... 
You are, and always will be, The love of my life.

Thank you Lora Panero Mercado for helping us with, and performing the ceremony for us. It made it that much more special, having a friend do this for us.

Christi and Wes
October 4, 2014
10:30 AM

Just realized, I can do it My Way!!!!! Blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Why I never thought (until now) of putting something up on my blog on our upcoming wedding, for those who know us to keep track of what we are up to, I will never know. Facebook does an "okay" job of getting notices out in general. You have to identify everyone if you want to be specific. And in our case, we have invited "Everyone", because we can. Yet, not everyone is necessarily wanting to know. 

So, given I can blog:

"Christi Lee Packard (her) and Wesley Robert Bushby (me) are getting married and you are all invited to share in our special day! The wedding takes place this October 4th (2014), 10:30 AM, at the Lake County Fair Grounds in Crown Point, Indiana. All are welcomed. This is a Doctor Who themed wedding, meaning, both Christi and I will be in Doctor Who garb. We invite everyone who wants to attend to do the same, be it a simple Doctor’s scarf, full costume, or just something blue. 

No chairs, no procession, no bridal shower, nothing but a simple outdoor wedding, standing among friends. All are welcome. There is no need to dress up. Wear jeans or whatever you are comfortable in. Christi will be wearing something British and Doctor Whoish. Wes will be dressed as Doctor 8.5 (the War Doctor). Who? Exactly. (Sample images below.)


We just want to have some fun with this. As mentioned, there is not a wedding shower. Nor registries, no bouquet toss, or formal invitations. We do not want to burden you, or us, with what has become a commercialized industry. Rather, we are grateful for what we have in each of our lives right now, and to celebrate that, with friends.

The passion we share, besides life, is photography and Sci-Fi. Especially Doctor Who. If you feel the urge to donate towards that, you can, either through PayPal ("to friend" at carpediemwes[at], or in person.

We ARE grateful to have so many friends wanting to share in our special day. Space is somewhat limited for our Part 1 brief reception of pizza at Zuni's in Highland. Any donations to help pay for the “all you can eat pizza buffet with appetizers and soda” would be appreciated. (There will be a drop box for cards and donations at Zuni’s.)

Our plans are to be at Zuni’s until 1:00. We need to get home, relax, and get ready for Part 2 of our day with The Steepwater Band at Martyr’s in Chicago. This is a music event. Not an event planned for us. We are just taking advantage of the timing with Steepwater performing. There is a cover charge at the door, and you have to be over 21. If you decide to go, and they ask you at the door, tell them you are there to see Steepwater. It is strongly encouraged you buy tickets ahead of time to pick up at the door. This is a music venue, with another band “The London Souls” who are headlining. There will be a lot of other people there to see The London Souls as well. You can go to this link for tickets:

TARDIS Timeline . . .

10:30 AM Ceremony. How to get to the ceremony:

Lake County Fair Grounds, Crown Point, Indiana. South end of the fair grounds. The closest entrance is on the South East corner, gate #4. GPS map coordinates to the actual location is 41°23'57.3" N, 87°22'17.1" W (or 41.39244, -87.271419 depending on how you program your GPS). Backup plans in case of rain will be the gazebo, just a bit further West and up the hill South. Refer to the separate posts that will follow for maps. We will need to time everything so we can make it to Zuni’s between 11:15 and 11:30.

Gate #4 (above) is basically at 121st Ave and S Court St. If the GPS coordinates are too difficult, try 998 S Court St, which is just East of the Gate.

Alternate area in case it is raining will be the Gazebo. Bring umbrellas!!!

11:30 AM Pizza at Zuni's. How to get to Zuni's:

Zuni’s is located 2907 45th St., Highland, IN, between Kennedy and Cline (closer to Kennedy). All you can eat pizza buffet”, with appetizers and soda. Sorry, no alcohol. We expect people will want to take photos before we leave the fair grounds. 

Did I mention we are both photographers, and need you to photograph!!! Well, yes, we do. If you care to, send us a message what digital card your camera takes, and we will give you one to shoot, in hope you give it back to us for our digital scrap book. We will give photo credit when we post them in this blog.

9:00 PM Martyr's Chicago.  How to get to Martyr's:

Party at Martyr’s Chicago, 3855 N. Lincoln, Chicago. Parking is hard to find, so if you can take mass transit, it is recommended. See you before 9:00!!!! You can go Online here for tickets:…

Our Story

"Christi and I me met for the first time, twice. Christi came to me and told me one day that "I'm the cheater". I looked at her straight face and said, “what?” She said it again, “I was the cheater.” I did not know at all what she was talking about. I knew she did not mean our relationship, or did she? She then said House of Blues. Still no recollection of what she could be talking about. She proceeded to tell me that I wrote in my blog post there was a cheater in the pit at House of Blues, photographing The Steepwater Band. Now, if you did not know, photographers can only be in the pit for the first 3 songs for each band. The first time I ever saw The Steepwater Band was June 8, 2012. My friend Pete Calacci, who is good friends with Joe Winters, got me in as a photographer. It was my first time photographing a band at an event like this. It was really cool. After their first 3 songs I went up into the balcony to photograph. I saw a photographer still in the pit photographing, and took a picture. I wrote in my blog, “Hey, photographers were only to be in the “pit” for the first three songs . . . however many were cheating when Steepwater was up . . . hmmm (see bottom of next photo).” Well, the cheater photo I took was, you guessed it, Christi in the pit. The first time we met, and we did not know we met. Here is a link to the blog, and the photo with text is about half way down the blog:…/steepwater-band-house-of…

The second time we met, which was the first time we thought we both met, was at Calvin Belt’s benefit. The Steepwater Band jammed there again, with many other bands. This time Christi saw me, and I saw her seeing me. Here is the link to that blog, though only photo #259 has Christi in it.…/calvin-belt-one-jamn-ben… . The Robots, with Pete Calacci played that event too. It was not until March 29th of this year at The Robots jam (…/the-robots-at-boomers-po… ), that I saw Christi and wondered. The result, dreams do come true . . ."  We have become stronger ever since.

We will keep the blog updated for you.  After our wedding, we will post photos here. Thank you to everyone for blessing us with good cheer. We hope to see you Saturday!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

15th Anniversary Victory for Veterans Memorial Ride

Christi and I happened to be finishing up on taking photos at the Town Theatre in Highland, when Christi noticed all the bikes crossing over Ridge Road. On our way back from the shoot, we were going to cruise by Blue Top just to see what was going on, and we saw a lot more bikes swarming Wicker Park. So we went to investigate.

It turned out it was the 15th Anniversary Victory for Veterans Memorial Ride. The park was packed, all the way around the drive, with bikes. They would not let any cars in, except for a few spots up front, on the side. Christi hopped out of the car to find out where they were riding too. Then I jumped out to take some photos. We ended up parking ourselves on Calumet Avenue, in Dyer, to watch the string of bikes come at us. It was about an hour event, and I estimate over 2,000 bikes passed our spot.

Here are the photos . . . click on the photo to enlarge, and arrow through.

Just like the AK-47, the preferred weapon of you enemy, makes a distinctive sound (okay, I took that from the movie Heart Break Ridge). The Huey makes a distinctive sound as well. I remember as a kid, the national reserve practicing mobilization, and circling / landing basically in my back yard for pickup, and the ground vehicles rolled in with troops on exerciser. As a kid, this was cool. Then while away at school, we had our own Huey to pull maintenance on. It does has a distictive sound when empty and loaded. Well, a Huey landed at the golf course North of Wicker Park, and took off to maintain air cover, in honor, during the bike ride.

On the overpass of Calumet Avenue, just North of Rt. 30. This is where Christi and I planted ourselves to take photographs. Though, you will see later my need to photograph made me transitional.

These photographs are cool. Christi panned the camera to freeze the bikers. I may have one or two in there as well.

For the most part the North bound left lane remained empty. That allowed me to stand where I did. I would look over my shoulder, and when a car came that was in this lane, I returned to the side, then walked back. This one instance, where I failed to keep looking, the bikers saw two cars coming (one in each lane), and covered my ass by pulling out to let the driver know to get his butt over. Thanks bikers!!!

Almost every biker waived at us as they went buy. Much do to Christi jumping up and down waiving and yelling at them in honor.

And know, there are not any duplicate photographs. There was just a shit load of bikes . . . an hours work traveling abut 35 MPH. (My estimate.)

The close up ones would be my camera, panning as they rode by.

I am putting these photos up in the blog a couple weeks after the event. I photograph because I feel it. I feel the vibe. Looking at most of these photos, I am thrown back two weeks ago, standing in the exact same spot, taking the exact same photo. It feels so real-time as I remember each of these bikers.

And, we saw a few friends in the ride . . .

Motorcycle Monster

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